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  • RIM Updates PlayBook OS
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Research In Motion announced awhile ago that the Canadian company would be upgrading the PlayBook OS – that day has finally arrived. If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you will be happy to know that updating your OS means that you will finally have a native email client in addition to some other helpful updates. This is big news for RIM, since the company is now largely banking on PlayBook sales.

Just a few weeks ago, RIM decided to hold off on a slew of new BlackBerry smartphones in order to stick by the PlayBook. By focusing most of the company’s efforts on the PlayBook, RIM is, seemingly, hoping to stay in the tablet market. One has to wonder whether or not it’s too late for RIM to see an increase in PlayBook sales, but the efforts that the company is putting behind the PlayBook are admirable.

Android App Support

Not only will all PlayBook owners gain a free 2.0 upgrade, but those who have purchased the PlayBook will now have access to Android apps. This is a huge deal since BlackBerry apps are more than lacking. Android developers will now be able to create apps for RIM, and these apps will be added to BlackBerry App World. Sure, all BlackBerry apps have to go through RIM (and through some adjustments) before they are added to the App World scene, but the news that Android apps can now be developed for BlackBerry may be enough to entice lots of developers to start working on RIM apps (this is what RIM is hoping for, at least).

In addition to a native email client and lots of potential Android apps, there are some other reasons to consider purchasing a PlayBook before those retail prices climb once more. RIM has also added a new home screen, and a long awaited calendar and contact app. It seems like RIM has taken the last few months to listen to consumer complaints, work on a new OS, and refine the PlayBook. While it’s still too early to tell, it certainly looks as though RIM might be able to revive itself through PlayBook sales.


You can purchase a PlayBook right now for a very low price through most electronics retailers. The new PlayBook 2.0 OS will not be available until February, but it might be a good time to snag a PlayBook if you are in the market for a tablet. Sure, the iPad still rules the tablet world, but this reviewer wouldn’t be surprised if RIM begins to steal the show with the newly upgraded PlayBook – plus, the PlayBook is significantly less expensive than the iPad.

To recap, if you have (or are going to purchase) a PlayBook, the new OS will include lots (sooner rather than later) of new Android apps, a native email client, a calendar, a new home screen that’s quite innovative, and a contacts app. In short, RIM has added everything that consumers and reviewers accused the PlayBook of lacking. If RIM keeps on this path, the next version of the PlayBook will be flawless, but if it’s not, this is one company that will listen and respond to consumer complaints – bravo, RIM.