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Most people share a dirty secret. Behind the neatly organized faГ§ade of a home office or entire home space lurks a very messy area filled with files, folders, and plenty of debris. This area is often referred to as the “iTunes Library.” It’s easy to pack your iTunes library full of wrong names, repeat songs, haphazardly flung album art, and other bits of chaos. What’s hard is cleaning up your iTunes library once your mess is in full swing.

Technically, it is possible to manually organize your iTunes library. Then again, this is only possible if you have five or six hours to devote to your digital music space. If you’re like most people, your iTunes library will go untouched and unorganized for many years. Unless, of course, you purchase a handy new program from RealNetworks’ called “Rinse.”

What Rinse Does

For $39 you can purchase the ultimate iTunes library cleanser. Rinse will go into your messy library space, and clean it all up for you. Rinse matches songs to albums, corrects the names of current titles that may be misspelled, and erases duplicate songs. Rinse will even match album cover art to the right album.

This whole process takes a very short amount of time to complete. What’s better is that you have complete control over Rinse every step of the way. From deciding what you want to get rid of to deciding the right name of a song, Rinse won’t get rid of any music debris until you grant the program permission.

Rinse is Honest

Rinse knows that it is not perfect. That’s why everything Rinse does comes with a very honest accuracy rating. Say, for example, Rinse recognizes that you have two versions of “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” in you iTunes library. Rinse may want to delete one of those versions, since this may look like a repeat. Yet, it is possible to have two different versions of this song, since the song was covered by a thousand different people.

Before Rinse gets rid of the Nicole Kidman version, the program will present you with a “confidence level” rating. If Rinse is only 50% positive that the song is a repeat, you can keep both versions. If Rinse is certain that you do have two Nicole Kidman versions in your library, you’ll see a 90% (or higher) accuracy rating.

Is Rinse Worth the Purchase Price?

If your iTunes library is a mess, and you don’t expect to clean it up anytime soon, Rinse is well worth the $39 purchase price. Organizing your library will make gathering, buying, and listening to songs much easier. Plus, you won’t have to deal with wasted space once you get rid of album art and duplicate songs that you don’t need.

At the time of this writing, Rinse comes with a free demonstration that you may want to check out before purchasing this program. If you want to go by my word, I say that Rinse is a great tool that many people can use simply and easily. There’s nothing complex about Rinse, and you’ll wind up with a neatly organized iTunes library.