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  • Rip Curl Has a New GPS Watch for Serious Surfers
Technology Articles > Gadgets > GPS > Rip Curl Has a New GPS Watch for Serious Surfers

If you’re serious about surfing, you need to buy a wave watch. Old school wave watches can be useful, but a new crop of surfing watches has started to pop up lately. One of the watches to emerge from the pack is the SearchGPS from Rip Curl.

This watch will track all of your rides via GPS, and you can see the exact routes that you took while riding any wave - kind of like the newest FitBit GPS-enabled wristband does for running. Rip Curl is the first to add GPS to surf watches - here’s how it works.

What the SearchGPS Records

The SearchGPS is all about recording everything you do during a day of surfing. This includes keeping track of the number of waves you have caught, distance of each ride, how fast you rode a wave, and the actual course that you took during a session. Plus, the SearchGPS can tell you where the closest surf point is.

By setting the watch with your current location and coordinates, you will be able to see the closest surfing point. The name of the surf spot and tide information will pop up on the watch screen, and the watch includes more than 1,000 locations, so you’re apt to find a good spot if you use this watch near any kind of ocean water.

Link With Apps and Bluetooth

Once you’re done surfing for the day, you can connect the watch to an app via iOS or browser, or connect it to Bluetooth in order to see what you did during that day’s session. You can then compare your day with past days, and take a look at your distances and times and other details. Just like all of those GPS running apps, the SearchGPS watch also lets you add notes to every session (like the kind of board you used or how you were feeling), and you can share your details with your friends through social links.

The SearchGPS comes with a rechargeable battery, and the battery lasts for a really long time if you aren’t using the GPS every day (the GPS is what wears this battery down). To recharge, all you have to do is use the recharging tool that comes with the watch and kind of looks like a clamp.

Pricing and Buying Details

You can buy the SearchGPS right now through the Rip Curl website and through other retailers, but this watch isn’t likely to catch the eye of anyone that’s not a serious surfer - and we’re talking riding the competitive waves too. At $400, the SearchGPS watch is really not a cheap watch to wear if you aren’t surfing or just surf occasionally while you are on vacation. It’s meant to be a serious surf watch for serious surfers, and those that do surf a lot will love this watch.

There are other players in the market, though, like Casio’s G-shock and Nixon’s Supertide, but the SearchGPS is the only one with GPS technology, and that’s going to be a huge selling point for RipCurl.