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  • Bad Piggies: Rovio Is At It Again
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Those annoying birds had it coming. Rovio, has just released Bad Piggies, and this time around you can play Angry Birds (or Bad Piggies) from the perspective of those noisy green pigs. Already, Bad Piggies has become a huge hit. It’s easy to see why. Bad Piggies is a fun game, has all the great things that Angry Birds has, and it’s played from an entirely new angle. If you ever wondered what the life of a green pig was like, Bad Piggies will give you the chance to explore the world from a pig’s point of view.

No Bird Attacking

You might think that Bad Piggies is all about killing Angry Birds. This would make sense. After all, those birds can be antagonizing. But, Bad Piggies is actually about the world that the pigs live in. Gamers have one goal: to create vehicles and place pigs inside of those vehicles. If a vehicle breaks, you lose points. If you get your pigs in the vehicle you built, transport those pigs, and your vehicle doesn’t break, you gain points and move onto the next level.

If you’re expecting Bad Piggies to be easy, though, you definitely have another thing coming. Rovio’s Angry Birds Space was highly criticized for being too easy. Rovio certainly hasn’t made the same mistake this time around. Bad Piggies is decidedly harder to conquer and navigate than Angry Birds Space (or the original Angry Birds). Rovio throws some engineering curveballs into the Bad Piggies game that are hard to figure out.

Building that vehicle and getting your pack of pigs across the finish like is anything but simple. Seemingly, Rovio has gone for a different demographic with Bad Piggies. This game was made for the gamer, not the casual gamer. As such, it’s a lot harder to conquer, there’s no leader board, and it will take some patience to build a proper pig vehicle.

Rovio’s Revenue Strategy

It’s no coincidence that Rovio has made Bad Piggies hard to master. When a game is truly challenging, those who succeed in playing the game well are likely to purchase game accessories. There are plenty of things for sale inside this game. You can buy extra pieces to build vehicles and other game helping items. Some Bad Piggies merchandise is likely to pop up too. So far, Bad Piggies has proven to be a big hit for Rovio. It’s also the first game that Rovio’s developed since Angry Birds.

Rovio did purchase Amazing Alex (largely a flop) from another gaming company. But, Amazing Alex was not a Rovio original. Bad Piggies is a Rovio original. Can Rovio strike gold twice? Will Bad Piggies be as big of a hit as the original Angry Birds was? It would be sad to see Rovio go the way of the one-hit-wonders, but it’s highly unlikely that the company will hit pay dirt again. I’m betting that most people are downloading Bad Piggies largely out of curiosity. Once it becomes evident that Bad Piggies is a hard game to play, some might abandon the game. After all, the Angry Birds appeal had to do, partially, with the fact that this game is easy to play. Grab a bird, fling it at a pig, get a high score, and move on. Bad Piggies may be too complex for the average iPhone or Android user.