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  • Rovio Buys Futuremark: What’s In Store For the Gaming World?
Technology Articles > Entertainment > Games > Rovio Buys Futuremark: What’s In Store For the Gaming World?

It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of Angry Birds Space (or downloaded it yet), but just in case you haven’t: Rovio launched the all-new version of Angry Birds last week. As soon as the birds took to space, ten million downloads ensued. Needless to say, the world hasn’t gotten sick of the Angry Birds Empire yet. While those loveable birds are really great to play around with, Rovio has some other tricks up its sleeve, it seems.

This morning, Rovio announce that the company has purchased Futuremark Games Studio. Futuremark Games Studio is a small gaming studio that has cooked up a few iOS, Android, PC, and Xbox Live Arcade games in the past. While few have heard of Futuremark Games Studio, Rovio has had its sights on this company for a long time now. Since the Angry Birds developers hardly ever make uncalculated business moves, one has to wonder what the future of mobile gaming will hold.

All In!

Word on the street is that Rovio not only purchased Futuremark, but all of Futuremark’s employees came with the deal. This means that Rovio developers will be working side-by-side with Futuremark developers to create something really amazing. If you have followed the history of Rovio at all, you might have noted that this company was once small and unheard of. Even though Rovio has been making games for awhile, Angry Birds was the company’s first mega-hit.

Seemingly, Rovio doesn’t want to take a chance that Angry Birds will fizzle out without having another gaming trick up its sleeve. That trick, it seems, will come in the form of something that Futuremark is doing, or is about to do. There’s no word yet as to how much Rovio has purchased Futuremark for, but it’s highly unlikely that Rovio didn’t offer up a decent penny for the small gaming company. Since Rovio is often ahead of the times, Futuremark must have something that the rest of us have missed. Either way, it will be interesting and exciting to see what Rovio and Futuremark cook up in the near future.

Futuremark’s 3DMark

One reason that Rovio might have purchased Futuremark is access to the company’s 3DMark. Details of a future 3DMark are still unknown, but a Futuremark representative has been quoted stating that this program will allow for comparison access across a number of different platforms, and this might be just the thing that Rovio needs for its new Angry Birds game. The newest version of 3DMark will not be released until later this year, but it’s safe to say that the newest installment of Angry Birds will includes a lot of interesting features in months to come.

While it’s tough to say exactly what will come out of the Rovio/Futuremark deal, there’s little doubt that this acquisition is anything other than beneficial. For those who enjoy mobile gaming, it’s time to turn your eyes towards the developers who brought you Angry Birds – it doesn’t look like this company is going to disappear any time soon. Stay tuned for updates and additional Rovio news.