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  • Rovio Has A New Game That Doesn’t Involve Birds
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Rovio is known mostly for one thing: Angry Birds. The gaming company has thrived off of the Angry Birds empire for some time now. Not only has Rovio created one of the best selling games of all time, but Angry Birds continues to entice mobile gamers – so much so that Rovio now has a line of plush Angry Birds toys and even a new upcoming cartoon. Now Rovio is releasing a game of a different sort.

Rovio’s “The Croods” will tie directly in with the new “Croods” movie that is set to be released on March 22nd. Working with Dreamworks, Rovio has devised a game that includes lots of Stone Age humans, saber toothed tigers, and plenty of other ancient creatures. Rovio has put up a video on the company’s website as a sort of teaser, but details about the new game are somewhat scarce. Here’s what’s known so far.

Rovio’s New Game Details

The last time that Rovio ventured outside of Angry Birds territory was with a game called Amazing Alex. Rovio didn’t create or develop Amazing Alex, but purchased the game from another developer and remarketed the game.

It seemed as though Amazing Alex didn’t sell all that well, but Rovio’s numbers are still up and rising. In fact, the company has over 200 million users right now. The Croods will be a stretch from the usual bird-slinging games that Rovio creates, but the new game may entice some new fans, and that’s always a good thing.

If you haven’t heard about The Croods, that’s because this movie hasn’t been widely advertised across North America, though it will be released in North America on the 22nd of March. This is a Dreamworks animation film that is mostly targeted for kids, and Rovio plans to help push the film’s success along with a new iOS and Android game. After viewing Rovio’s video of the game, it certainly looks like a great deal of fun, and includes great graphics in true Rovio style. If you have a moment to view the video, do make sure to check it out.

Can Rovio Survive Without Birds?

Here’s a little known fact: Rovio developed plenty of games that didn’t take off before Angry Birds became a huge hit. Now that the world has praised Angry Birds, it may be hard for fans to grasp another sort of game from the company.

After all, Amazing Alex really didn’t go over that well. Then again, the fact that The Croods is a movie too might help the same of this new game. There’s no word yet on pricing or game availability, but I’m guessing it will be in line with the games that Rovio currently offers.

You can expect to see more games from Rovio in the near future too. As the Angry Birds craze winds down (after all, how long can Rovio keep going with those crazy birds and pigs?), the company will have to come up with bigger and better games in order to stay in business.

If you’re not sure about a non-avian game from Rovio, give The Croods a try. At the very least, you’ll have a new game that you, or your kids, will love. You’ll also be supporting Rovio -- a company that’s bound to produce some more excellent games in the near future.