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  • Introducing Rovio's Newest Game: Nibblers
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The problem with creating a mobile game is that it’s really hard to strike gold - and nearly impossible to strike gold twice. This is a lesson that King (makers of Candy Crush) and Rovio (makes of Angry Birds) have learned the hard way.

Rovio expanded its Angry Birds empire so much the company wore the title and the game thin. King still manages to hang onto a number of gamers thanks to the countless pieces of fruit that people love to drop.

The fact that King is still, well, king has a lot to do with the reason Rovio has created a new game called Nibblers. Nibblers plays with the “match-three” genre that made Candy Crush (and others that followed) so popular. But is this genre too crowded already? Can Rovio push its way into the match-three crowd? Here’s a closer look at Nibblers.

No Angry Birds

If you are expecting to stack pigs or fling birds or some other mixed up version of Angry Birds, you’ll be disappointed when you download Nibblers. Instead of focusing on pigs and birds, Rovio has chosen to go a different route.

This time, you’ll see some curious looking underwater creatures. The main character is named “Coral” and Coral is a fish. The storyline goes like this: Coral and her friends have decided to leave the water to explore dry land and (what else) collect some fruit (yes, Rovio went with the fruit theme too).

As a game player, you will be asked to swap the current locations of two pieces of fruit that touch, so that you can (eventually) place three or more matching pieces of fruit in the same line. If you’ve heard of this before, you’re not wrong. The premise of Nibblers is a lot like that of Candy Crush, and Rovio intended it to be that way as well. Additional levels are created as basic levels are cleared.

The Same Game

While Rovio is hoping to cash in on the same theme that made King so popular, the company might struggle with Nibblers. People have come to know Rovio as the Angry Birds company and might expect some pigs and birds, but underwater creatures? Then again, Rovio’s creature designs are just as animated and fun to play with as the company’s original characters. But has this genre been played out? How many more matching games can enter the gaming space?

Already there are a number of games (and companies with big budgets) that have tried to get into the space that made Candy Crush so popular. Some of those companies are doing well, but most are falling flat. Rovio might be able to go on its reputation alone for a short while, but the company isn’t likely to do anything that King hasn’t already done. Still, Rovio is going to give it a short with Nibblers.

You can check out Nibblers today in the Android store. The iOS version of Nibblers might take a bit longer to arrive. What do you think of the latest Rovio game? Will it be a good or bad thing? Will you play it?