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  • Is Rovio’s New Game Worth the Download?
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Rovio is at it again with a new game that has been beta tested solely in Canada. This time the company that brought you the original Angry Birds game is focusing on the pigs in the picture, but so far some critics are less than impressed with what Rovio has come up with.

The New Game Storyline

Rovio’s new game is called ‘Under Pigstruction,’ and it comes with new graphics and a new gameplay concept. Both of these things are ideal when playing a new game, and players will find the graphics to be much more cartoon-like than previous Rovio games. The game lets players move through various levels while looking at a world map, and as you move through those levels you progress through the game.

Pigstruction doesn’t include as many intricately designed levels as previous Rovio games, though, and this is one of the reasons why critics aren’t loving the newest instalment from Rovio. If you manage to make it to level 25, you can also compete in something called an ‘Arena,’ which lets you play against people from all around the world. If you win an Arena tournament, you can keep progressing and competing through various levels that never really seem to end.

The Money Factor

You have to remember that first and foremost Rovio is a video game company with the goal to generate income. This is the goal of any gaming company, so it’s not a complete shock that Rovio has been creating more ways for players to buy items inside of the game. For example, you can buy unlimited spells in order to progress further in the Arena and in the game in general. This means that anyone you’re playing against with a big budget for game purchases will have an advantage over you in the arena.

Rovio has done something else to make money with Pigstruction that other companies have done as well. This time around, you will only get 5 lives when you play the game, and when those 5 lives run out you have a choice. You can wait until the lives are refreshed (30 minutes per life), or you can purchase a new life. To some gamers, this tactic is despicable, but it’s a good and solid way for a video game company like Rovio to make some extra dollars.

Is The Game Fun?

Rovio has tested Pigstation in Canada over the past few months, and the interest in Canada is definitely there. People still like the Angry Birds franchise, and many will download and play this game. Sure, Rovio is trying to get money from players by doing things like stalling the game without buying a new life, but that’s kind of par for the course when it comes to mobile games these days.

All in all, the game does come with some fun cartoonish graphics, the story is simple but fun to play as well, and the game is really just a great way to break from reality - which is what games should do, right? So check it out when Pigstation is revealed, and judge for yourself whether or not this game is worth playing.