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Political forums and Facebook groups can be found at every turn, but one new political platform is turning a lot of heads. Ruck.Us is a new startup that just launched, and this political platform aims to be different from all the rest. There are a few things that separate Ruck.Us from other political forums out there, but we’ll get to those in a minute.

The most important thing to note about Ruck.Us is that this startup was developed by two people who were once die-hard democrats. I say “once” because the Ruck.Us developers have since turned away from all things democratic in order to focus on the bigger picture. Namely, issues – not parties – impacting American life. If this sounds like the kind of politics you’re interested in exploring, you’re not alone.

How Ruck.Us Is Different

Ruck.Us doesn’t want to be a place where Republicans butt heads with Democrats. Instead, this platform’s main goal is to allow people who have very strong opinions about specific political issues to sound off. Ruck.Us makes a lot of sense in a number of different ways. While other, similar, platforms pit one party against another, Ruck.Us just wants to provide a place where people can talk about issues.

Once upon a time, belonging to a certain political group meant sharing the same opinions with fellow group members. This simply isn’t the case these days. Instead, politics has gotten away from important issues to focus solely on one’s loyalty to a particular party. Ruck.Us is a place where people can join others when it comes to talking about the issues and not the party.

Will Ruck.Us Succeed?

Seemingly, Americans are fed up with political strife. As issues are being looked over and tossed aside to make way for the “right and true” party, Americans are left in the lurch. A site such as Ruck.Us can help to change the way that American politics are currently being handled. If Ruck.Us gains a lot of ground, it could become one of the most important political sites out there.

It’s too early to determine whether or not Ruck.Us will succeed. But this reviewer believes that the site has a lot to offer the average voter. More importantly, politicians may sit up and take notice of a site that focuses on issues that Americans care about, and this could change the political landscape. Or, the site could go largely unnoticed.

Moving Through the Site
Once you sign up for a Ruck.Us account, the site will begin to notice and note your habits and patterns. As such, various questions that may be important to you will pop up. You can then comment on these questions or simply read what others are writing. Ruck.Us claims that all questions are user-generated, and that no question has been asked from any one political standpoint.

The whole set up is easy to use, and it’s safe to say that the site is promising. If you’re curious about Ruck.Us or you want to voice your own political opinion, you can jump into the conversation by heading to the Ruck.Us website right now.