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  • Donald Rumsfeld's New App
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Here’s something that you don’t hear about every day (and may not hear ever again). The former US Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) has just released -- wait for it -- a video game app. Yep, you read that right. Rumsfeld has released an app. Want to know what the man that lead the Iraq invasions has created?

Rumsfeld’s New App

The app that Rumsfeld has allegedly been testing and testing over and over again is a Solitaire app. Not just any Solitaire game, though. This particular version of the popular card game was a favorite of Winston Churchill. This version includes two decks of cards (the regular version only includes one deck), an extra pile of six cards, and ten rows of cards instead of seven.

According to press, Rumsfeld discovered the game during the 1970s and now has had the time to turn the game into an app. So if you like to play Solitaire (and want to think like a Secretary of Defense), you can download the app right now -- Rumsfeld has told press that he has tested the app himself and it works great.

Where to Get It

The app is called (fittingly) ‘Churchill Solitaire’ and it’s currently available via iOS. There is no word yet whether or not the app will make it to Android, but chances are that it will. It’s rather humorous to read Rumsfeld’s comments on the app, since he has (admittedly) no idea what goes into developing an app. Rather, he simply tested out the game on his iPad.

While it’s somewhat odd that a former Secretary of Defense would create an app, it does make sense in some ways. There are few better people to test out such an app than someone that plays the game every single day (or most days). It’s also a nice slice of history to note that Winston Churchill used to play this game, and that little fact just makes the app even better.

The Future

Rumsfeld has told press that he probably won’t be moving into the tech sphere anytime soon, but the app was a fun way for him to explore app development and branch out into tech. Whether or not the app will become popular remains to be seen, but it’s still an interesting thing to consider. If you do like the game of Solitaire, it’s worth checking out this version of the popular game.

Did Churchill invent this game himself? That’s one question that’s difficult to find an answer to. While it’s know that Churchill did enjoy playing the game regularly, it’s not known whether or not he invented the game. The game itself is full of Solitaire type challenges and fun. Of course, it does take a certain type of person to enjoy the game of Solitaire to begin with, but if you are the kind of person why not try out a different version of the game?

If you like Solitaire and want to see what Rumsfeld has created, head over to the Apple store and download the game. It’s called Churchill Solitaire, and it’s sure to be a big hit if you do love the card game.