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  • Here's Why Safari Isn't Working This Morning
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Browser Suggestion ProblemsIf you have tried to use Safari this morning with iOS or OS X, you may be a tad frustrated. The browser has been crashing worldwide due to an odd bug. There is a way to fix it though. Take a look.

Safari will provide you with suggestions when you try to search using this browser. Sometimes suggestions are good and sometimes they aren’t, but that’s not really the problem. What seems to be the problem is that the suggestions exist in the first place. Some users have noted that simply turning off Safari’s suggestions will help the browser to work without a hitch. So, you can try this if you want to use Safari but haven’t been able to use it this morning.

So what’s Apple doing about the problem? So far, there hasn’t been any kind of official statement from Apple. However, it’s pretty clear that the company does actually know that there is a problem, since millions of users worldwide have been reporting the issue through Twitter and other social media platforms (including contacting Apple directly).

What Will Happen

If you don’t turn off Suggestions on Safari, your Safari will crash and crash and, well, you get the point. The browser just isn’t working well with this bug, and there isn’t really any other way to fix it. If you can’t turn off Suggestions, you may have to use a different browser today. For companies that use Safari across the board (and don’t allow employees to tinker with settings), this will be a hard day when it comes to using the Internet.

It’s not unusual for a company like Apple not to report on fixing or even acknowledging an issue such as this one until that company has found out two things. The first thing is what is the root cause of the problem. The second thing is what they can do to fix the problem. Simply making a statement that “we are aware of the issue” won’t appease the millions of people that want the problem fixed now.

Additional Fixes

Since a number of users and tech companies have filed reports with Apple, it’s likely that the company will respond in some manner to the issue today. Right now, though, the only way to fix the problem is to shut off those browser suggestions. If you’re the type of person that can’t live without suggestions, you can always try a different browser like Chrome. So far, other browsers are working just fine.

If you head to Twitter, you’ll see a number of posts about this very issue too. You may even be able to find some additional fixes for the problem through social networks. Use the hashtag Apple or just #Safari to see what you can find.

Most of the time, the public finds workarounds before companies like Apple ever post a worldwide solution to an issue - thankfully there are plenty of tech savvy people out there that know how to fix bugs! Now, if Apple could only get in on the problem solving, we’d all be a little bit happier with our Safari browser today. For now, just shut off the suggestions part of the browser, and you should be able to go on your merry way.