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  • Samsung's Newest Computer Has a Curved Screen
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Samsung has just introduced a new desktop computer with a curved screen that the company is calling an “all in one computer.” The rationale behind the curved screen is that users will gain a better viewing angle from the curve, and this will allow for a better overall user experience when doing things like watching videos.

Curved screens aren’t anything new in the television world, but Samsung is the first company to create a curved desktop computer screen that’s meant to be an all-in-one option.

The Difference

Curved TV screens didn’t really take off, but that’s largely because the viewing difference between a flat TV screen and a curved one isn’t huge. With a computer monitor, users sit closer to the screen, and that does mean that a curved monitor will give off a better overall image. Unlike most other computer monitor screens, Samsung’s ATIV screen isn’t a touchscreen, so that might be something you’ll have to get used to if you like the touchscreen options that are currently available.

Added Features

Samsung clearly made the ATIV screen with multimedia in mind, which is why this computer comes with 10-watt stereo speakers, Bluetooth Music Play 3.0, and Samsung’s Side Sync software. Side Sync lets users control a phone from the PC, see a phone’s display from the computer monitor’s window, and make and receive calls from the PC as well.

Inside Samsung’s Curved Computer

On the inside, you’ll find Intel’s Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 5500, 8GB of standard RAM, and 1TB of storage. You’ll also get two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and a SD card slot. All in all, not bad when it comes to the actual lineup of this computer. When you add to those features the curved screen for better viewing, you wind up with a computer that may just justify the price tag.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Samsung isn’t going to let this computer go for a low price. The new curved Samsung ATIV computer will retail for $1299.99. That’s a high price for a lot of people, and more than some might want to pay for a screen that’s somewhat novelty at this point, but it is competitive if you look at other computers in the same basic market with added or new features. Is it worth paying this price for a monitor that comes with a curve?

If you do a lot of multi-media stuff, the ATIV screen might prove worthwhile for you. There is a better overall viewing angle when you use a curved screen that’s set at the right height for you and your desk. If you’re just looking for a computer that you can use to surf the Internet, this might not be it - then again, you may like the curved screen just as much. My advice is to try this one out in stores when it arrives this winter.

Samsung has stated that the new curved computer will be available in the winter of 2015 - no specific date has been set yet, but you can expect to see this computer by February, in my estimation.