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  • This TV’s Got Curves
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Flat is whack, and curves are back – in the TV world, at least. Samsung unveiled an all-new curved TV at the CES conference today. The newly developed OLED TV from Samsung is the first curved OLED TV ever to hit the market. Why would you want a curved TV? According to Samsung, curves make for a better viewing experience. Why? A company spokesperson told press that a curved TV creates a panoramic-like viewing experience. Is there truth in this statement?

Quite possibly Samsung is telling the truth. If you think about it, viewing a flat screen (whether a tablet, computer, or TV) from any angle is likely to include quite a few blind spots that can’t be seen from every angle. A curved TV, on the other hand, may just be the shape that TV enthusiasts and moviegoers have been looking for. When can you get your hands on this TV, how big is it, and how much is Samsung asking? Take a look at the released details below.

It’s All In the Details

Samsung has created a whole 55-inches of curved TV. The company has told press that the TV will be debuting by the second half of 2013, and it will certainly be a sight to see. Samsung is hoping that the new curved OLED TV will provide consumers with an “IMAX” experience, thanks to the curved shape of the screen. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see whether or not the concept of a curved screen catches on. Until this point, almost all TVs currently available are of the straight and flat kind. Samsung will be breaking the mold with the new curved TV.

Those who are currently at the CES conference and have had a chance to see what Samsung has come up with are praising this TV thus far. The Samsung curved OLED TV offers crisp viewing, amazingly defined and deep colors, and a viewing experience that many are saying is just as Samsung has stated – perfect. If you’re looking for more details, you’ll have to stay tuned to hear more of what Samsung has cooked up. Right now, the company has not released any real details on the pixilation, resolution, curvature specifics, or other details. What I can show you is a photo of the new TV (above), and tell you that Samsung is definitely excited about this new design.

A New Wave of TVs?

Should Samsung have a great deal of success with the new curved design of the company’s OLED TV, you may see a shift towards curved screens. Will a curved TV fit as snugly against a wall as a flat and thin TV? Probably not; but that won’t likely stop consumers from purchasing these new designs and propping them up on walls – in fact, a slightly curved TV screen may prove to be an interesting design choice. Shopping for a new TV or considering upgrading?

My advice is to wait until the new curved Samsung OLED surfaces. Then, you will have two choices: purchase a curved TV by Samsung (or a competitor), or purchase a flat TV when those designs go on sale – if curved screens catch on, plenty of flat TVs will likely drop price-wise.