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  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet: The Good
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Apple and Samsung have been butting heads a lot lately. Recently, Apple appealed to a German court to try and oust Samsung’s Galaxy tablet. The court agreed with Apple, and Samsung’s Galaxy tablet is no longer sold in Germany. Apple claimed that the tablet Samsung put out was too much like the iPad.

While there are some similarities between the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy tablet, the Galaxy is different enough from Apple to attract a different kind of crowd. In fact, if you aren’t keen on the iPad 2 (iPad 3 release has been pushed to sometime in 2012), the new Samsung Galaxy tablet is your best option.

4G Connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy tablet comes with 4G connectivity through Verizon. This is something that Apple’s iPad 2 does not offer. This isn’t to say that the iPad 3 won’t have the same ability, but it’s hard to say anything about the much awaited iPad 3, since Apple won’t reveal any details. The Galaxy is fast, efficient, and comes with 4G.

Already, the Samsung Galaxy has been set apart from the iPad 2. So, why is Apple so mad about the Galaxy’s existence? Mostly because Samsung has created a tablet that is a threat to the iPad 2. In addition to 4G ability, this tablet has many other appealing features.

Thin and Slim

The Samsung Galaxy is thing. Not just thin, but really thin – thinner, in fact, than the iPad 2. Due to its slick and slim frame, the Galaxy is easy to tote around. It also comes with a black back that has some grip to it, making it simple to use the Galaxy without worrying about dropping the tablet (something people tend to complain about with the iPad 2).

Many reviewers also love the fact that the Galaxy is equipped with better cameras than the iPad 2. Even though Apple cameras tend to be top-notch (just look at the iPhone 4), the iPad 2 doesn’t have the best and most accessible cameras in the world. Just like the iPad 2, the Galaxy comes with both rear and front-facing cameras.

Photo Abilities

The front of the Samsung Galaxy sports a 2-megapixel camera while the back of this tablet has a 3-megapixel camera. If you’ve tested the iPad 2, you may not be thrilled at the photo quality that this tablet puts out. If you have the time, test the Samsung Galaxy in order to compare photos. In most cases, the Galaxy takes photos that are a lot crisper than the iPad 2.

Wait or Buy?

If you’re in the market for a tablet, you are faced with a tough decision: wait for the iPad 3 or buy a great tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy? Apple makes good products that are solidly built, and since Apple controls all aspects of its devices, an Apple tablet will always perform well.

The Galaxy, on the other hand, is still being developed by Samsung. Even though the current Galaxy measures up well to the iPad 2, this may not be the case when the iPad 3 emerges. Of course, if you happen to live in Germany, you don’t have much choice. The new Samsung Galaxy starts at $499.99.