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  • Introducing the Samsung M7 WIreless Speaker
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Wireless audio speakers tend to disappoint. Right now, there are a few on the market that have managed to gain a lot of attention, but those few still aren't top notch. Can Samsung enter this market with a bang?

Maybe. Samsung has just introduced the Samsung Shape M7 wireless speaker in the hopes of luring the wireless crowd away from the likes of Sonos.

The Samsung Shape M7 Speaker Design

The first thing you'll notice when you see this speaker is the shape that Samsung has selected. The M7 reminds me of a wedge of cheese, and it's small enough to fit compactly onto any shelf space that you may have. This speaker comes with a nice grill and a hard plastic case that's on the shiny side. You can choose either black or white depending on your preferences (very Apple-esque!).

Samsung has also included a small stand with this speaker that allows you to place the wedge vertically or horizontally, though it does look best when placed on the flat side - either way, Samsung promises optimal sound. The one bonus to standing the M7 vertically is that you can add another M7 speaker to the mix for complete stereo sound.

Additional M7 Features

Samsung didn't stop at color selection and an all new design. The M7 speakers also come with dual-band WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity. The WiFi option means that you can connect a single M7 speaker to your smartphone using the company's new app. Surprisingly, you can't connect the USB to any kind of hard drive storage system. This USB is solely meant to update the M7 when the time comes, an important note.

Samsung has also made it possible to connect M7 speakers to various rooms using something the company calls 'the Hub.' Samsung's Hub is sold separately (at $49), but will make it easy and possible to connect and spread sound throughout an entire home. This is something that's definitely worth your time if you like the idea of hearing sound everywhere you go in your house. You can also play different tracks in different rooms using the Samsung app, and that's something that I really like about this wireless setup.

Pricing and Availability Details

Now that you love the idea of Samsung's new M7 speakers, you're probably wondering how much these puppies will set you back. That number is around $399. Gulp. That is a lot of money for one wireless speaker. Remember, if you want multi-room sound, that number will jump to $448. Add another speaker to the mix, and you are well over the $800 mark. Is it worth the price?

That depends. There are better speakers on the market, that's for sure, but most of those aren't the wireless kind. If your goal in sound is to connect your home to amazing sound, you may want to go the wired route. If your goal is a compact speaker that allows for app access and multi-room setup, the Samsung M7 speaker is not a bad price for the options provided. As for sound, well, we will have to wait and see what these speakers sound like when Samsung officially releases them in the next few weeks.