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  • Samsung's PN60E6500 Plasma TV
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In the market for a new TV? You'll notice that the selections are getting larger and more unique each day. But, it's still tough to know which TVs are worth your time and which are really just novelty. Samsung has recently released the PN60E6500 TV that comes with some excellent features, great picture quality, and a price that most consumers can easily live with.

A Closer Look at Samsung's PN60E6500 Plasma TV

Typically, Samsung is known for the company's LCD TVs. However, the Plasmas that Samsung is putting out are also worth your attention. This particular model provides excellent black levels (some of the best available) and spot on color accuracy.

Style-wise, this TV is as thin as you'd want it to be, comes with a nice brushed black exterior, and fits snugly against a wall or on a stand. In almost every way, this Samsung TV is comparable to competitor TVs and even blows some competition straight out of the water. The other really great thing about this TV is that it comes with a user-friendly apps suite.

The Samsung Apps Suite

TVs should be complex, but we've become so used to overly complicated devices of all types that using a standard TV can be confusing. Well, this isn't the case with this Samsung. Thanks to Samsung's Apps Suite, you can simply select user controls, scroll through apps, and make the best of what you see before you. Best of all, finding and selecting any app with this TV is really just a matter of pointing, clicking, and scrolling. There's no learning curve to be had here.

It's also really tough to beat the price of this TV. Samsung has priced the PN60E6500 at around $1200 (50-inch). That's a heck of a lot less than other TVs in its class, but it comes with one of the better picture and color qualities, so you do the math. Even though it might be tempting to go with a more expensive TV, this one is really worth your 1200 bucks.


I've done some research for you, and you'll find that the PN60E6500 can be found in many online stores. In fact, you'll probably get a better deal on this TV by shopping online than you would if you were to visit an electronics store to purchase the TV in person. Just make sure to purchase your TV from a reputable retailer (and that generally means Amazon).

There are a ton of TVs out there that are far more expensive than this one, but the Samsung PN60E6500 really takes the cake when it comes to color quality, black levels, design, and price. Why would you look anywhere else?

Got a TV in mind that you need help with? Have questions that you need answered? Let me know below, and I'll do the research and review for you. When it comes to TVs, don't be blown away by the latest gadget. Find a solid TV that comes with a great price and all the right features - like the Samsung PN60E6500.