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  • Samsung PND8000: A Good Bargain
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Are you currently in the market for a new plasma TV? You'll want to take a look at the Samsung PND8000 line. Not only does it offer what most are looking for in a plasma (top notch picture quality, spot-on color, and outstanding 3D picture), it goes a bit further with built-in wi-fi, apps and services, and web browser made easy with an included Bluetooth keyboard.

PND8000 Pros

The number one reason to choose the PND8000 over comparable brands is simple: affordability. In comparisons to another top brand (the Panasonic VT30) the PND8000 is less expensive, and still offers outstanding color and picture quality. As for size, it is offered in a 51”, 59”, and 64” screen size, with a depth of a mere 1.5 inches.

As previously stated, browse the web with ease thanks to the Bluetooth QWERTT keyboard and screen built directly into the bottom side of the remote. The plus to having the screen built into the remote: no looking back and forth from the TV to the remote. It is very easy to use, and Samsung has even built in a special sensor that knows what side of the remote is facing up, deactivating the bottom side. This eliminates the chance you will accidentally turn the TV off while you are typing something into the keyboard.

You are now able to browse the web, and thanks to the Samsung Apps Smart Hub, check on your friends on Facebook or Twitter. There are plenty of apps to choose from such as YouTube, Pandora, Skype, Netflix, ESPN Score Center, Napster, and eBay. Samsung offers more apps than any other TV on the market, and makes it easy to customize the Smart Hub display screen using folders. Decide which apps are most important and worthy of making available at the press of a button.

Do you have and Android phone? Install the Samsung remote app and never worry about losing your remote again. All of your apps are easy to find by pressing the Smart tab, and is a little easier to navigate than Smart Hub.

3D glasses are not included with your TV purchase, and the newest model features Bluetooth technology. This allows for them to sync better than last year's model which operated using infrared technology. The built-in wi-fi means no extra equipment must be purchased in order to use them.


With so many pros, it's hard to find a con, but something that stands out is the Smart Hub design. It is a bit overwhelming and cluttered, and the search function seems a bit pointless. The web browser is better than some of the other brands out there, but if you want to watch a lot of internet videos or check your Gmail account, you may notice a bit of a slowdown, or worst case, a browser crash.

As wonderful as the Bluetooth keyboard is, there is a downside. Samsung seems to have forgotten the backlight, making it difficult to use in the dark or a dimly lit room. However, if you possess an Android phone, you should be just fine using the remote app.

Best Value for the Best TV

After weighing the pros and cons, it becomes a no-brainer. If you can pick up a big screen plasma TV with top-of-the-line picture quality and all of the bells and whistles a TV should have these days and at the same time pay LESS than comparable brands, why would you consider any other brand? The only thing to consider is where to buy one. Prices start at $1,718.40, and if you shop around enough, you may be able to find a deal which includes free 3D glasses.