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  • Samsung 2013 Smart TV Suite
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David Katzmaier of Cnet recently demonstrated Samsung's Smart TV Suite, which will be included on all of Samsung's Smart TV models for 2013. These highly interactive televisions feature face recognition, gesture control, and voice control to name a few, as well as a touchscreen remote. The video demonstrates that Samsung is offering a truly smart TV, unlike other TVs purported to be “smart” that are currently on the market.

All of the menu navigation can be performed by either gesturing in the air, using your smartphone as a remote, or using the included touchpad remote. The remote is more sensitive than those put out last year, featuring a minimal amount of buttons. Scroll bars on the side of the touchpad help you navigate more easily. The limited amount of buttons means that you'll need to pull up menus to perform functions that used to have a button, such as programming channels, but all in all, it is a great remote.

Smart Hub Screen

One of the suite's first features Katzmaier discusses in the video is Smart Hub. It is the first screen displayed on startup, and displays a host of recommended content. Recommended apps you can install are listed at the top, and services for fitness, learning, and family which are exclusive to Samsung's Smart TVs are listed in the middle. Apps you frequent are listed at the bottom, and picture-in-picture allows you to view the Smart Hub while watching your favorite shows.

The TV can also recommend shows you might be interested in watching based on what you normally watch. The recommended shows are listed like apps, and the TV even tells you how much time is remaining in the program. The shows that are recommended are based on your cable provider, which you enter when setting up the TV, and work for both cable and satellite television.

Video On-Demand Screen

Upon scrolling to the next screen, you come across the video on-demand menu. This is where you'll find apps like Netflix and Blockbuster. It recommends content based on what you've watched in the past, and has options at the bottom to search for more content or save favorite content, whether movie or tv show. According to Katzmaier, Samsung offers a unique video on-demand service as compared to other smart TVs out there.

Stored Content Screen

The next screen you scroll to displays all content available, like photos, music, and videos, that are on devices either plugged directly into the television or wirelessly connected. You can take the family slide show to the next level, displaying pictures from your last family trip for grandma in high definition, or showing her the latest video of the grandkids.

Social Screen

On this screen, you'll find all your favorite social media sites: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. If you want to tweet through the TV, you can purchase a separate available keyboard, or use the virtual keyboard on the TV screen.

App Screen

With over 2,800 available apps, Samsung offers the best app experience of any smart TV on the market. Organize the apps any way you please, and just like it does with channels, the TV recommends apps it thinks you'll enjoy right at the top. Use this screen to install new apps as well.

That's the overview of the Smart TV Suite offered on 2013 Samsung Smart TVs. With all of the recommended content the TV makes, it shows it truly is a Smart TV. With the included camera for the Skype app and web browsing, this TV just might take the place of your laptop or smartphone when you are at home.