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  • Samsung Offers to Purchase BlackBerry
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There are reports this morning that Samsung Electronics has offered BlackBerry $7.5 million to purchase the Canadian company. Those reports state that the two companies have been in secret talks, and Samsung has offered as much as $15.49 per share of BlackBerry, which is well over the current value.

Both Samsung and BlackBerry deny that any kind of transaction deal is taking place, though Reuters reports otherwise based on sources close to the alleged talks.

To Be or Not to Be

BlackBerry told press this morning that the company will be worth much more than any amount that has currently been offered, and BlackBerry is banking on the future of the company. BlackBerry has been restructuring and focusing on moving towards a new direction, and this is why the company has not yet sold. There have been numerous companies making offers to purchase BlackBerry, but so far the company has held tight and fast to its future plans.

It’s not necessarily the entire company that other companies want to purchase either. A BlackBerry sale would come with a lot of unique patents, and those are what companies like Samsung are likely after. Samsung devices aren’t widely popular or used in business settings unlike BlackBerry devices, which are still preferred amongst business people. Being about to grab a piece of the business market is one reason why a company like Samsung has so much interest in BlackBerry.

Still Seen as Secure

BlackBerry devices are still seen as the most secure devices available by many in the business world, which is why the company still retains a certain market. Even though recent BlackBerry devices have not matched up to other devices on the market (have fallen very short, actually), the company is now focusing on the market that it does have, which is an intelligent move for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry also keeps telling press that the company is still in transition mode, and that new things are going to come from the company soon. What those things are or how BlackBerry plans to execute them remains to be seen, but it’s the one reason why the company keeps stating that consumers need to hang on and see what BlackBerry comes up with in the future. The company has been working on both its future patent plans and current company structure, and the hope is that the company as a whole will develop into something more in the months to come.

Not Selling

The official word from BlackBerry this morning is that the company is not selling to Samsung or to anyone else, though reports contradict this statement. This past November, BlackBerry and Samsung did announce a partnership of the security sort.

The two companies will be working together on new security features for Galaxy devices. Given this new relationship, it would not be a shock to see Samsung take a further role in BlackBerry’s future development, or to see BlackBerry have more to do with future Samsung devices. Either way, a partnership, of some kind, has been formed.