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  • Samsung Galaxy Note Arriving in Feb.
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For those who have been waiting, Samsung has just announced that the Galaxy Note will be hitting store shelves on February 19th. If you want to pre-order the Galaxy Note, this is a possibility too if you visit the Samsung website and pre-order by February 15th (no later). The phone will retail for $300, and it’s easily one of the most anticipated phones coming out this year so far. If you aren’t familiar with all that the Note will offer, here’s a quick look into the many reasons why the Note might be one phone to rule them all.

What This Phone’s Got (That Other Phones Want)

No, the Samsung Note doesn’t come with Siri, but it does come with many other features that you might find too good to pass up. Some of those features include a very wide screen (created to provide a tablet-like experience without all the bulk), all the smartphone features you could want (yes, apps too), and a handy S-pen that allows users to write on-screen as if the phone were a notepad. Essentially, Samsung wanted to roll a tablet, smartphone, and notepad into one phone, and the result was the Samsung Note.

In addition to all of those very cool features, the Note also comes with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 16-gigs of internal memory, and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera (1080p video capture too). Even though the Note can be used as a tablet or notepad, it is small and thin enough to slip into your pocket with ease. At the time of this writing, the Samsung Note has the largest screen out of all the smartphones available.

Bigger Is Better?

It’s interesting that Samsung has generated so much buzz with the Note. Why? Just a few years ago, large phones were seen as passГ©. Today, it seems, phone manufacturers are headed back to larger screens. The Note has a 5.3-inch screen, and, so far, users in the UK who have had this phone for awhile are loving the size of the larger screen. Could it be that smartphone users are simply fed up of small screens? After all, a large screen does mean a bigger keyboard, easier game play, better ability to watch movies and videos, and even a bigger surface to take notes on.
Might other phone manufacturers jump on the big screen bandwagon?

It’s entirely possible that smartphones users may be demanding larger phones in the near future. In fact, the days of trying desperately to type a text on a very small touchscreen keyboard may be gone. Will Apple follow in this direction too? It’s hard to determine anything yet, since the phone has not actually been released in North America. However, it certainly seems as though there’s enough demand for the Samsung Note already, and that’s a great start.

Again, if you want to order this phone in advance, make sure to place that order by Feb. 15th, or you might have to wait for the phone to hit stores on the 19th. Even if you don’t buy this phone, you might consider checking out the Note when it does arrive, just so you can see whether or not a larger screen is a better screen.