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  • The New SanDisk Flash Drive Is Wireless - and Kind of Great
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When reviewing most devices, one of the major drawbacks included in those reviews can be a lack of a SD card slot. Manufacturers are getting rid of card slots left and right in order to create slimmer devices that just look better.

But, this often leaves users in a kind of terrible fix. What happens when you run out of room on your tablet or other device? It's hard to do anything if you don't have a SD card slot. Or is it?

The New SanDisk Flash Drive

SanDisk has found a solution to this problem by creating a wireless flash drive. The SanDisk Connect can hold all of your files, and wirelessly send that data to your device - all without the need for a SD card slot. SanDisk isn't the first company to come out with a wireless flash drive, but it is the first company to devise a drive that's as small and as compact as the SanDisk Connect is.

THe SanDisk Connect is about the same size as a USB thumb drive, but it packs a ton of stuff into that small body including a microSD slot, Wi-Fi radio, four-hour battery, and everything that's needed to power the device. This is why SanDisk's new flash drive stands out so much. There are just a few things to note about this drive.

Some Drawbacks

The biggest drawback that can be seen here is that the SanDisk Connect only works with iOS, Android, or web apps. So, you are out of luck if you are a Windows user. The other drawback is that this flash drive only works if you aren't using Internet at the same time. In other words, you'll have to give up your Internet while you are using the Connect drive (unless you connect the drive to a WiFi spot instead).

Users can manually set passwords to secure files, and this drive does work seamlessly enough. Aside from the two drawbacks mentioned, the SanDisk Connect is a great flash drive that certainly solves the "no SD card slot" problem. SanDisk has also priced the Connect reasonably, so you can easily snag one of these drives without worrying about any really high costs.

Costs and Availability

The SanDisk Connect can be purchased for $49.99 (16GB model); $52.99 (32GB model); or $79.99 for a different sort of model that's bigger, has a longer-lasting battery, and comes with extra storage (32GB). You can get your hands on a pre-order of the SanDisk Connect flash drive through Amazon today, in most parts of the world. The drive will be available elsewhere in the next few weeks.

The SanDisk Connect flash drive bridges the gap between devices that lack a SD slot and needed more space to store files. Plus, the wireless connectivity with this device is really solid. If you're in the market for a wireless flash drive that does it all (or most of it), the SanDisk Connect has some competition, but it's really one of the better wireless drives on the market.