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  • Best Portable Satellite Radio Receivers (Handheld)
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Satellite radio was invented to overcome several shortcomings of FM and AM radio. While the physical limits of FM and AM radio waves limit radio receivers to one hundred fifty miles for a clear signal, satellite radio broadcasts globally via a network of satellites. Because it is subscription based, satellite radio boasts commercial free programming. For a time, satellite radios were confined to car stereos. But now, you can get a portable satellite radio that works much like a handheld radio or MP3 player. Check out some of the best below.

Pioneer AirWare XM2Go Portable XM Satellite Radio Receiver - $290

This radio is a very versatile and user friendly model that is perfect for taking on long trips. The battery holds a five hour charge. This device has an option for the user to record selected shows and can record up to five hours of programming. With its built-in FM transmitter, the AirWare can play crisp media over a car's existing radio system. In addition to song titles the black & white LCD screen can display stock prices and game scores. With a belt clip, case, chargers, and remote control, this radio is ready for use right out of the box.

Delphi MyFi XM2GO Portable XM Satellite Radio Receiver - $280

The Delphi Satellite Radio is a good basic radio, with a battery that has a five hour run time. The device can record up to five hours of media. One reported glitch with this model, however, is that when erasing one recorded segment from the device’s memory, the function will likely erase all its memory. This product has a large LCD which only displays basic station and song information. Its internal antenna provides great reception. This model, like most, also has a built in FM transmitter.

Sirius Stiletto 2 Satellite Radio & 2GB MP3 Player - $299

This radio can be used both for a satellite radio and an MP3 player. This model comes with two gigabytes of internal memory, a SD card expansion slot and features the ability to record up to one hour of programming. One nice feature available on this unit is the built-in WiFi and FM transmitter. While the device’s internal antenna is somewhat weak, the included headphones act like an external antenna, and also comes with a remote, case, belt clip and car charger. The Sirius Stiletto features a full color LCD screen for displaying station and song information. Though this radio packs many feature in its slim profile, it isn't known for its mastery of satellite radio or MP3s.

Pioneer GEX-XMP3 Portable XM Satellite Radio Receiver - $270

This is the best attempt at merging a satellite radio and an mp3 player. The control wheel looks and acts like an iPod control wheel. The Pioneer features PC connectivity via USB cable and comes standard with two gigabytes of internal memory and an SD expansion slot. Not only can this device record media from a satellite channel, it can record five channels simultaneously and store seventy-five hours of talk or ten hours of music. Its color screen displays media information, sports scores, and stocks. Also included with the receiver are headphones and a remote. The number of special features has been also its vice as many users complain about the reliability of one or more of its features.