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  • Schreer Delights: Affordable and Clever iPhone Cases
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Alright, let’s be honest: there’s no shortage of iPhone cases out there. However, there is a shortage of truly original and innovative iPhone cases. If you’re looking for a case that’s like no other, you have to check out what Schreer Delights has to offer. This company creates some very cool iPhone cases that won’t break the bank because, really, who has more than $50 to spend on an iPhone case? Most of Schreer Delights iPhone cases retail for $44.95 (plus S&H) and these cases are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Retro Apple Logos

Some of the best iPhone cases offered by Schreer Delights are the retro Apple iPhone cases. These cases come in many different colors and feature that colorful Apple logo of old. The translucent cases are great to look at, and the case also features a retro camera design. If those old Macintosh computers bring back fond memories for you, take a look at the Retro Macintosh case. These cases retail for $44.95. The company has already sold out of these, so I’m guessing the high price is worth it. Whether or not Apple approves of these cases is a different story, so hurry up and snag one before they are taken out of inventory!

For the LOST Fan

Remember Lost? That show about people who survived a plane crash and landed on a desert island? If you are or were a Lost addict, Schreer Delights has the cases for you. You’ll love the “Hatch,” and “Dharma Initiative” cases. Each of these cases has the exact design that you are imagining right now (a view of the hatch or the Dharma Initiative symbol), and these cases retail for $44.95 too. While these cases won’t surround you with sunshine or strange happenings, you can tell the world how much you loved Lost if you purchase a Hatch or Dharma case.

Other Offerings

Schreer Delights also offers a case that looks like a Tic Tac breath mint box (orange), a Game Boy case, a Lottery Ticket case, an Aztec Calendar case, and many more interesting offerings. Needless to say, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, you don’t need a $100 gold-studded iPhone case. All you really need is a case from Schreer Delights. Incidentally, this company also sells iPhone docks that look like sharks, mini gramophones, and skulls.

The iPhone accessories offered by Schreer Delights are plenty of fun, but what I’m not understanding are the pendants offered. If you want a pendant, you can buy those through Schreer Delights too, though I’m not sure how this really connects to iPhone cases and docks. Regardless, this company is quickly gaining in popularity (the link was already sent to me twice today), so take a look at the site to find out if Schreer Delights has anything that suits your personality. From retro Apple to Lost (and all strangeness in-between), this is one site that offers clever iPhone cases you won’t find anywhere else.