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  • Scribd Now Has Unlimited Comics
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If you’re a comic book fan, you may want to check out Scribd. The e-reader service just added comics to its existing subscription service after teaming up with Marvel, Dynamite, Boom! Studios, Valiant, Archie, and IDW/Top Shelf. Scribd’s comic book catalogue includes both older and newer comics too, so you’ll get a bit of old school mixed in with newer stuff when you subscribe.

New Releases Added

Scribd also struck a deal with publishers to include newly released comics. Just after comics are created, you’ll have a chance to check them out on Scribd quickly. How quickly those new releases will show up depends on each publisher, but the idea is that you’ll get new releases through Scribd sooner than other people will have access to the same comics.

If you aren’t familiar with Scribd, this service includes both e-books of all kinds including graphic novels, and it’s one of the better e-book services out there. The service has been in business since 2013, and since that time audiobooks and a slew of other e-books have been added to the lineup (including, now, comics).

Pricing and Availability

Scribd is also a really affordable e-book service. At $9 per month, you can get unlimited access to anything that Scribd offers. If you’re a huge comic book fan, $9 a month to read unlimited comics old and new isn’t a bad price to pay at all. Plus, you’ll have that early access to the newer comics that are just rolling out. Scribd has made some great deals with comic book publishers, and this should please comic book fans everywhere.

In addition to the comics that you can now access through Scribd, the service also offers up unlimited graphic novels for the same $9 per month price. There are other e-book services out there (Amazon’s Kindle being one of Scribd’s top competitors), but Scribd does offer more variety when you look at each e-book service lineup. Even Amazon is going to have a hard time competing with the comics that Scribd has just added. The only other service that has a seriously decent lineup of comics is Marvel’s unlimited subscription service, but that’s only because, well, it’s Marvel. Still, you can have access to Marvel comics through Scribd now.

Where to Find It

Scribd is available on both iOS and Android, and both services are offered at the same $9 per month. While nothing beats the pages of an old school paper comic book, Scribd is one of the simplest ways to bring an entire and vast library of comics with you wherever you go. The new addition of comics should give competing services some good competition too. It might be only a matter of time before Amazon adds comics to its reader service, but Scribd has beaten the content king to this finish line.

You can browse through Scribd’s catalogue of comics and other books by checking out the company’s website before you sign up. But it might be hard to resist that low monthly fee once you see what Scribd has to offer!