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It’s tough to make money as a freelance writer, though some would argue that today’s writers have it a big easier than writers of old. It used to be that you had to find a publisher and sell some books in order to make money. Today, all kinds of content mills exist. Sure, many of these content companies hate the term “mill,” but, when it comes down to it, that’s what they are – companies churning out text from writers who gain a small wage in return.
Scripted.com is one such company.

This company has been around for some time now, though it has just gained a decent amount of press thanks to some additional funding. Scripted writers are paid a certain fee that corresponds with the type of work that a writer has completed. If this sounds a lot like Demand Studios or other companies of this type, you’re not entirely mistake. Of course, Scripted claims that their writers are better and that the content is better, but this is all within the eyes of the buyer.

How Scripted Works

After taking a tour of the Scripted website, I’ve deduced that one must contact Scripted in order to be considered for a writer’s position. After Scripted has taken a look at your portfolio, you will be assigned to writing assignments according to your skills. If you are great at creating tweets, and have a proven track record, you might be matched with a company looking for a social media person.

I can’t tell you how much Scripted pays each writer or what they payout is for each assignment completed. I can tell you, by looking at the site, that you can expect to gain less than you would if you were to offer freelance services on your own (and gain a few clients). Keep in mind that any site like Scripted must offer writers a decent and competitive wage in order to be a site worth writing for. If you’re looking for some additional income, and you can write, you might give Scripted a try.

A Site for Screen Writers

If Scripted sounds familiar, it might be because this site was once a site for screen writers. Now, Scripted is looking to take the site to the next level by offer press release writing, tweets, Facebook posts, and a number of other copy. Scripted already has some large companies signed up for writer services (including Levis), so there seems to be plenty of work to go around. If you have a specific skill that Scripted can use, make sure to let these folks over at Scripted know about your strengths.
Update: after hearing from Scripted, I’ve discovered that many assignments pay more than $60.

Right now, the available Scripted assignments are somewhat lean, but you might be able to find something that you can write about by selecting an assignment that appeals to you. Scripted, like many other content sites, will pay a cash out when you complete an article or post that has been accepted by a publisher. It seems that higher paying content sites are the wave of the future, and this is both good and bad news for contract writers. If you want to give Scripted a try, contact Scripted.