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  • Scrollbar Search Highlighter: Your Fingers Need this Tool
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If your fingers skim the top of your keyboard regularly, you know how hard typing can be (not to mention the fact that typing causes sore fingers!). Those of us who continually research and look for words amidst lengthy documents have the added pleasure of continuously hitting the “next” button when tapping CTRL+F. Taking any amount of strain off of already sore fingers is what Scrollbar Search Highlighter aims to do.

Scrollbar Search Highlighter is a Firefox extension that makes finding things easier. In addition to providing a service that only Google Chrome provided until now, Scrollbar Search Highlighter is easy to use. As is the case with all Firefox extensions, Scrollbar Search Highlighter is completely free.

Note: please recognize that all facts and details listed in this article were accurate at the time of this writing. It is possible that Scrollbar Search Highlighter no longer exists, or that the extension is now restricted in some manner.

How It Works

Firefox is reliable. Firefox also has a reputation for being easy to use. In fact, Firefox’s simplicity is the number one reason why so many people have switched from old Explorer to Firefox. Scrollbar Search Highlighter continues the Firefox tradition of ease.

In order to use the Highlighter extension, all you really have to do is download it. Once downloaded, you will be asked to select a highlighter color. Once that’s done, you’re done. The next time you press CTRL+F, the word that you are searching for will be highlighted automatically throughout the text – in short, no more hitting that “next” key.

Scrollbar Highlights

Not only does Scrollbar Search Highlighter highlight the search term you are seeking, you will also notice that the scrollbar towards the right side of the search page changes color. As you search, small colored tabs on the side of the scrollbar appear. These tabs indicate that the term you’re looking for can be found by glancing horizontally.

Scrollbar Search Highlighter just makes life easier for people who research and type regularly. There’s no need to search for one word amidst a stack of words. This extension is particularly useful for students and researchers who have to comb through long documents. It is also ideal for finding words quickly in a document of any size.

Firefox Success

Firefox has enjoyed a lot of success due to developer innovation. There are a number of Firefox tools and extensions that can make life on the Internet simpler. The best part is that most of these tools are completely free to use. Firefox is highly recommended over Explorer, since Firefox simply runs better.

If you are still using Explorer, give Firefox a try. Not only is Firefox user-friendly, but it’s also fast. Further, Firefox allows for multi-tasking. Users can open up multiple tabs at once, which is something that can’t easily be done with Explorer. Do you use Firefox? Let us know what you think about the Scrollbar Search Highlighter extension. We think that you’ll like this extension just as much as we do.