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  • Seek Thermal Cameras Let You Be James Bond
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Ever wished that your smartphone had night vision? With Seek Thermal, it can. Seek Thermal is a small camera that can be attached to your phone in order to provide you with some decent night vision. Why would you want night vision?

Aside from acting the part of James Bond, night vision (thermal vision, really) can be used to detect sources of heat. This is useful when it comes to things like home improvement repairs, checking for home intruders, and figuring out where sources of heat are (or aren’t) coming from. Plus, it’s cool.

A High But Low Price

If you’ve ever looked into real thermal imaging equipment, you probably know that the price of professional grade equipment is well into the thousands. The Seek Thermal device isn’t cheap at $250, but it’s still a lot cheaper than buying something on a professional level. To justify the price, you’ll have to figure out what you want thermal imaging for, and then decide whether or not it’s worth that price.

Seek also sells another camera attachment called the Thermal Xtra Range for $300. The main difference here is that the XR lets you see a lot further than the regular camera option. Both cameras can be attached to either an Android or iOS device. Using either camera is simply a matter of plugging it into your phone. Seek’s camera app will launch automatically, and you’ll be ready to roll.

Using the Seek Thermal Camera

You can use either of Seek’s cameras at night or during the daytime. The infrared waves that the cameras pick up on can’t be seen by your eye alone, which is why you need the camera. To view what your camera is picking up on, all you have to do is look at the app. To keep an image, just snap a photo with your phone, and the image will be stored in the Seek app.

Seek cameras weren’t really developed for spy work, unless you are never on the run, because you do have to hold your phone quite still for these cameras to work well enough to snap a good photo. All the same, either Seek camera option will work well if you’re trying to detect any kind of infrared image for any kind of reason.

Should you go with the $250 or $300 option? Really, for the extra $50, you may as well get the camera that can capture images that are a great distance. Just be careful not to lose these camera attachments, since they are really small and lightweight, though they do come with a handy carrying case (if you remember to use it).

Buying One

Will you get any use out of the Seek camera? That depends on what you might use a thermal imaging camera for. If you have the cash to throw around, these cameras are simply fun to use. If not, pick one up to see who or what is intruding in your home, or to check other sources of heat. You can find the Seek cameras on the Seek website.