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  • How to Select a Home Theatre System
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A superb home theatre system can produce a movie theatre type experience. There are three basic aspects of any home theatre system including DVD capabilities, television quality, and sound. When combined, these three home theatre system components produce an excellent atmosphere for watching movies or enjoying television. A complete system can cost anywhere from $700 to more than $2000.

DVD Players

There are three basic types of DVD players including high-definition (HD), Blu-ray, and regular DVD players. Within each category there are many sub-categories. Shop for a DVD player beginning with your budget. DVD players range in price from $50 to more than $300. All players can read basic DVDs and CDs. In addition, MP3s can be played on most DVD players.

High definition DVD players (including Blu-ray) are vastly more expensive than regular DVD players. If you want to watch a Blu-ray DVD or watch every movie in high-def, you will need a high definition DVD player. However, these players are relatively useless without a high-definition television. Therefore, choose a high definition DVD player means expanding your budget to include a high definition television.

Television Options

Wide screen televisions are great for watching movies, since many movies are released in wide-screen format. A wide screen television is highly recommended for a home theatre, since these televisions will provide an experience similar to a multi-plex experience. LCD TVs and Plasma TVs are two types of flat panel wide screen televisions worth looking into. Typically, LCD TVs provide a better experience when watching a movie in a brightly lighted room. Plasmas TVs provide excellent color depth when placed inside of a dark room.

Rear projection televisions are another option. These TVs mostly feature wide-screen designs. In addition, many rear projection TVs are high-definition televisions. While typically larger than flat panel LCD and Plasma TVs, there are some good rear projection televisions on the market. A third option is a compact projector. Top-notch projectors are more expensive than many televisions, though they do provide an advanced viewing experience. If you plan on buying a projector, you will need to buy an equally good projection screen.

Selecting Sound

Sound is the most important part of any home theatre system. A good sound system should include six crucial speakers. Two satellite speakers, a subwoofer, a center speaker, and one left and right speaker should all be included in a sound system. Sound packages that come with all of these speakers can be expensive.

As an alternative to a pricey, and complete, package, it is possible to purchase a sound system that only includes left, right, and center speakers.
It is also a good idea to look for a system that has an A/V receiver. An A/v receiver will help to balance sounds. An inexpensive way to purchase a complete sound system is to look for a DVD and speaker package. These sound system sets often produce quality sound for a fraction of the price of buying individual speakers.

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