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  • Selecting Genealogy Software
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There are more than fifty different genealogy programs on the market. Thanks to these options, finding out about your family tree has never been easier. The only problem is trying to decide on the right program for you. Since many of these programs are on the expensive side, it’s important to select software that will perform the tasks you have in mind. You can purchase decent genealogy software for around $100.

Devise a List of Needs
Nearly every genealogy program begins by asking you to enter family information. Aside from that basic commonality, these programs differ greatly. Create a list of the things that you want a program to help you with. Then, look for software that seems to fit your criteria.

You’ll also notice that most programs come with a free trial period. Take advantage of these free trials by going through all that a program has to offer. You’ll quickly discern which programs are worth the money, and which programs won’t accomplish the tasks that you have in mind.

Sharing Capabilities
If you plan on sharing your family findings with others, you might want to select a program that allows you to share your research easily. Most expensive programs come with online capabilities. These programs allow you to post your findings online and share your research with others.

Some inexpensive programs may also allow you to share findings, but many of these programs do not come with sharing options. If posting your tree online is important to you, skip those programs that do not offer an online sharing option.

User Ease
Thousands, maybe millions, of people search for long lost relatives every day. Yet, many genealogy programs are difficult to use. Some programs require users to learn a set of shortcut keys. Other programs involve navigating through a complex interface.

Almost all types of software come with a learning curve. The trick is to find a program that also comes with detailed instructions and accessible help features. If you find that entering basic data is impossible during a free trial session, move onto the next program. It also helps to read a number of user reviews in order to find a user friendly program.

Price Concerns
Price is definitely a concern when it comes to genealogy software. Some programs are easily affordable while others can reach well past $100. If you are serious about documenting your family’s history, an expensive program may be the way to go. Otherwise, look for a program that is easy to use, combines everything that you need, and falls under the $100 price mark.

Keep in mind that many of these programs become outdated quickly. You might have to replace your current software within a few years. This may, or may not, be a big factor when considering which program to purchase.

Get That Guarantee
Quality products always come with solid warranties. A software developer that stands behind a genealogy program will offer consumers a guarantee. Look for a program that comes with a money-back guarantee. If, for some reason, a program proves too hard to use, you can always get your money back from reputable developers.