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  • Send A Real Facebook Gift To Your Friends!
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Did you know that you can send a gift to your any of your Facebook friends? No, no, no, not a virtual gift – a real gift! A gift that’s all wrapped up in a pretty bow and comes in a nice Facebook-branded box. Facebook rolled out the gift-giving feature two weeks ago, though I’m not certain that anyone really noticed (or did you?). If you didn’t notice, this article will let you know how to send a gift to someone that you care about on Facebook.

How to Send a Facebook Gift

At the top of your Facebook page, you will see three options. Those options are: post, photo, and now “gift.” If you click on the gift tab, you will be brought to a brand new Facebook gift page where you can select a gift to give. Facebook has taken a lot of time building this page, so you’ll find all kinds of gifts ranging from food to books and pretty much everything in-between. Once you’ve chosen your gift, the recipient will be instantly notified.

Why does Facebook tell your friend that you’re sending a gift? Because, your friend will have to enter his or her address and other information in the form provided. So, don’t send out a Facebook gift if you want that gift to be a secret. Once that part has been completed, Facebook will send your gift to your friend. Thanks to Mashable, we now know what the gift will look like when it arrives. Mashable reports that Facebook gifts are nicely packaged, wrapped beautifully, and contain as many Facebook stickers and stamps as possible (not on the actual gift, just on the package).

A Simple Holiday Solution

If you forgot to buy a gift for someone on your Facebook list this holiday season, just hit that “gift” button. Before you know it, your gift will be send to the person who thought that you forgot all about them. What’s even better is that the gifts Facebook is offering are really quite nice.

You can choose from gourmet food options and plenty of other things that will perk up someone’s day quickly. Unfortunately, Facebook’s gift-giving feature doesn’t seem to work outside of the United States at the time. However, I hope that this is something Facebook is working on.

The next time that you have to send a gift, why not just click on that gift button? Of the many interesting (and sometimes bizarre) features that Facebook has created throughout the years, this one might actually be worth using. Of course, you’ll have to wait to use the feature if you live outside of the United States. What do you think about Facebook’s new gift feature? Is it a good idea or a bad one?

I suppose it all depends on the quality of the gifts being offered, and whether or not Facebook offers a gift that your friend or relative will actually like. So far, though, everyone who has sent out a Facebook gift or received one seems to like what the social network is offering.