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There are few things more annoying than traveling with a bag that’s too big. If you’ve ever scrambled to repack your bags at an airline gate, you know what I’m talking about. Of course, things only get worse if you try to cram a large bag into that small metal box budget airlines set up. Whether you’re flying a budget airline like Easy Jet or a major airline that charges per bag, it’s tough to bring everything you need on a trip – especially if you are moving to a different country! A new UK startup called Send My Bag wants to help you out with your luggage woes.

This startup will ship your skis, golf bag, extra luggage, and anything else for you. Using courier services, Send My Bag can keep traveler costs low while delivering bags on time to almost any destination within Europe (for the time being). Send My Bag seems to have mass appeal, even though the company was rejected on the popular show Dragon’s Den when company founders pitched to the Dragons. Since then, Send My Bag has claimed a round of seed funding, and it looks like this startup is well on its way to finding a large traveler market.

The Appeal of Send My Bag

Everything about Send My Bag makes sense. Carrying luggage to any destination is a real pain. If this company can keep baggage transport rates low while still getting bags where they need to go, Send My Bag will do well, indeed. This startup has a great website in place too. When you visit the Send My Bag site, you can enter your current travel details. From there, you can find out how much it will cost to send one of your bags to your destination. In most cases, it is cheaper to send a bag using this startup website than it is to pay extra for additional baggage space aboard the airline of your choice. I’ll also point out that some airlines won’t allow you to send extra baggage at all, and this is a major pain if you plan to travel long distances.

The major problem with this startup, it seems, is that Send My Bag has a lot of competitors out there. After all, there are a number of different ways to send baggage to almost any destination. Send My Bag will have to keep costs way down if the company wants to gain a steady following. Perhaps this is why the Dragons didn’t want to touch Send My Bag. Or, maybe the Dragons missed out on something. Either way, the Send My Bag website interface is great, simple, efficient, and just what the website world needs.

How to Send Your Bag

If you want to test out this service, visit the Send My Bag website (here ), enter your flight information, learn how much it will cost to send a bag, and you will be on your way to baggage freedom. The whole process takes just a moment to set up and complete. In addition, Send My Bag offers lots of exclusive deals (right now, college kids taking off in the UK can cash in on a great baggage deal). There may be other ways to ship your large bags to your desired destination, but Send My Bag is one of the better ones that this reviewer has seen, so give it a shot.