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  • Choosing Cell Phones for Seniors
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Accessibility is vital when selecting a cell phone for a senior. Screens loaded down with apps can confuse and frustrate many elderly people. Likewise, touch screens and small keys are apt to bewilder most seniors. It used to be that searching for a senior cell phone was impossible. Today, there are many different senior cell phone options available.
Senior cell phone prices vary, though most of these phones are easily affordable. Search for a phone that has vital features (such as a 911 button). Selecting a phone that has large keys and a colorful display is also wise.

Select the Right Display
Display screens that are packed with icons are not a good choice for seniors. Screens that feature large numbers, letters, and no more than three icons are ideal. A display screen should also include a direct link to 911 (or other emergency number). If an emergency arises, a senior should be able to contact emergency crews without hesitation.
Screens that include a fair amount of backlights are also a wise choice. These screens will make viewing a cell phone inside of a dark room easier for seniors. Generally, a basic phone that includes basic functions is the best senior option.

Voice Command Options
Voice commands may be a good idea. Then again, some seniors can become frustrated with voice command options. Whether or not you should purchase a phone with voice command capabilities largely depends on the phone. While some phones have voice command options that work well, others are less than satisfactory.
If you do choose a phone with voice command, make sure that these commands can be turned on and off. This way, a user will not become baffled when a phone begins dialling numbers unexpectedly.

Roadside Assistance
Many phones come with a roadside assistance app. If the senior you are shopping for operates a vehicle, this app is important. Rather than searching for the number of a car repair shop or roadside assistance service, a roadside app will help a user to gain help right away. The only drawback to a roadside assistance app is that adding this app may congest a display screen.

Pay-As-You-Go and No Contract Plans
A pay-as-you-go plan will allow a user to pay per phone use. These plans are a lot less expensive than yearly contracts. If a phone is not used on a regular basis, a user will not have to pay a monthly cell phone bill. Similarly, a no contract phone will not require a steady monthly payment. Phones that have been specially made for seniors often have shorter payment terms.

Emergency Contact Buttons
Manufacturers have begun adding emergency buttons to most cell phones that are made for seniors. A phone that has a 911 button or an emergency contact button will provide a lifeline for seniors who need help at any given time. In most instances, emergency contact information can be personalized, and a local 911 (or other) emergency contact number can be entered. As son as these buttons are pressed, the proper respondent will be contacted instantly.