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  • Top Cell Phones for Seniors
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Cell phones are a necessity for most people. This is also true when it comes to seniors. Phones that were designed for seniors can provide elderly people with peace of mind. These phones also include emergency buttons that can save lives. Senior cell phones must be basic and easy to use. Many ideal senior cell phones can be purchased for 40+. Further, most of these phones come with pay-per-use contracts.


Large fonts and a colorful display make the PCD CDM8635 perfect for seniors. In addition to a nice layout, this phone also includes four shortcut buttons. Handy quick buttons include zoom, speaker phone, alarm, and photo gallery. Further, this phone also has two buttons that were added for emergency purposes. A 911 button will immediately connect users with emergency personnel, and a contacts button connects users with three (previously entered) personal contacts.

The numbers on the PCD CDM8635 are also large and easy to see. Seniors may also appreciate a variety of “help balloons” that appear next to every menu item. A “clear hearing” feature also makes it easier for seniors to hear callers by slowing down speech, changing a person’s pitch, and reducing background noise. This basic senior phone is a good option for seniors who want to use a cell phone, but don’t want to be bothered with complicated apps.

Pantech Breeze II -- $0 to $220

True to its name, the Pantech Breeze II is a breeze to use. A vivid display and three assignable quick-call buttons make the Breeze II ideal for seniors. Large buttons that are clearly distinctive will also help make texting and calling easier for elderly users. This phone goes beyond most senior cell phones in a number of ways. The Breeze II includes a music player, camera, GPS, and Blu-Tooth.

While the Breeze II has a higher price tag than a lot of other senior phones, the additional features make this phone worth the extra cost. For the senior who wants a functional, yet fun, phone, the Pantech Breeze II is a wise buy.

Samsung Haven -- $39

The Samsung Haven is a true break from complicated cell phones. This phone does not have a camera or any other complex features. The Haven does have some tools that most seniors will find useful. The Haven has a side grip feature that makes it easy to grab the phone while in use. Haven’s screen is brightly lighted and features a handy clock. Shortcut keys include a voice message key, photo gallery key, and a voice command key.

Keyboard keys include a 911 button and an emergency button. Unique to the Haven is a “fitness center,” which brings seniors through a series of 15 stretches. Elderly users concerned about health may find the Fitness Center useful. The Fitness Center also includes a notepad meant for jotting down medications and four calming song selections. While the Haven doesn’t include any technologically advanced features, it is a solid phone that serves the senior purpose well.