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Search Engine Optimization – the very mention of the term “SEO” can easily send your mind into a crazed state of confusion. Attempting to understand every SEO strategy is difficult. Further, trying to find out which strategies work is time consuming. Yet, you’ll never know if any of these techniques work unless you can find a way to track your success.

This is precisely where SEO software comes into play. There are all kinds of programs out there that will track your SEO effectiveness. As with any other type of software, some programs are worth your hard earned money and some are not. A good SEO program that’s user-friendly and effective can be purchased for less than $300 (at the time of this writing).

Rank Tracker SEO Enterprise Edition -- $200

The price of Rank Tracker SEO is high, but this program really does it all. If you’re serious about tracking your SEO effectiveness, few programs come close to Rank Tracker SEO. Rank Tracker is primarily a keyword tool, which works fine, since keywords are the basis of any good SEO campaign. You’ll find out how your site ranks on Google and Yahoo. You’ll also find out if your site needs some keyword work. Installation is simple, and this program also comes with a free trial. For all that it includes, Rank Tracker SEO is an excellent tool that’s worth the expense.

SEO Studio -- $70+

SEO Studio is the ideal tool for search engine site rankings. Since all good SEO campaigns include good keyword selection and optimization, this tool is exactly what you need if you are looking to fulfill basic SEO needs. While not the most conclusive SEO tool on the market, SEO Studio does provide users with an easily navigable interface, useful tools, and a good way to judge the effectiveness of a site page.

Traffic Travis – Free

Not only is Traffic Travis free (paid upgrades), but this program is also highly recommended by thousands of users. There’s nothing complicated about Traffic Travis, though you will gain all the details that you need about your SEO campaign. The brilliant thing about Traffic Travis is that this program is easily to navigate. Unlike other SEO programs, Traffic Travis doesn’t come with a complex interface or difficult to use features. Instead, a simple Internet research tool and a basic layout make Traffic Travis worth your time and energy.

SEO Toolkit -- $250+

A toolkit (of any kind) should include everything that you need. A toolkit should also be easily accessible and organized. SEO Toolkit lives up to the toolkit name by providing users with a complete SEO analysis experience. This program includes optimization and promotion tools, search engine ranking tools, keyword managing tools, keyword ranking features, and many other tools that you will find very useful. Best of all SEO Toolkit comes wrapped in an easy interface that includes a number of optimization choices. While you will find everything you need when you use SEO Toolkit, you won’t be stuck with a program that’s hard to use or difficult to navigate.