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  • The SETA Smartphone Stand Just Works
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The problem with many smartphone accessories is that they only work with one phone or another. You can't buy a dock meant for an iPhone and plug an Android phone into it. This is not only frustrating, it's also annoying. One company called SETA claims that its new stand will work with all kinds of phones and cases.

What's more, SETA also claims that the company's phone stand will work with past, present, and future versions of your phone. In other words, if Apple decides to change the connector on the new iPhone, your SETA stand will still work. Here are the details.

A Kickstarter Campaign Worth Looking At

SETA is currently a Kickstarter campaign - one that's getting a lot of attention. SETA's smartphone stand hasn't been designed for just one phone. Instead, this stand uses something called 'NanoSuction.' This technology literally clings to any flat surface, which is why the stand will work with any phone, any case, and anything new that any company creates.

Why would you want a stand at all? The SETA stand securely holds your phone using that NanoSuction technology, and secures your charging wires too. So, your phone is propped upright, it is charging, and it won't slip. Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, it is. So far, SETA has already doubled the company's initial campaign asking price ($20,000). SETA has raised $40,000 - clearly, this stand is something that people want.

SETA Stand Details

The SETA stand can hold two phones at once. It can also hold a phone that does or does not have a case. Since the concept behind the stand is suction-based and not based on any one connecting plug or type of connector, this stand simply works. The SETA stand also comes in an array of colors ranging from pink to white, and it's minimalist design is sure to look great anywhere you put it.

What about pledge prices? By now, you are probably familiar with the way that crowdfunding works. If you pledge $10, you will receive one NanoSuction pad that you can place on your phone. Once the pad has been placed on your phone, you can stick the pad to any flat surface. So, you don't actually need the stand (though you'll need the stand if you want it to hold your phone and your charging cables). A $19 pledge will get you that stand in a nice silver color.

Pledging and Using SETA Stands

If you need a stand that works with any phone, any case, and any upgrades to new phones, you should really take a look at what SETA is offering. This company has come up with an innovative stand concept that will put most other stand companies out of business. Putting greed aside by not creating a stand that only works with one phone or another, the SETA stand really stands out.

What do you think of this stand? Will you get one? Pledge today to get your sticky pads or your stand.