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Just as the mobile world was once fixated on the iPhone, all things these days point directly to Android phones. Android phones are new and cool, which has placed the humble iPhone on the backburner for the time being. As such, you will see a number of apps developed specifically for Android, and some of these apps may or may not be available on the iPhone as well.

One of the newest apps to hit the Android market takes into consideration your life. The “Shake to Answer” app is quite handy when you hands are busy doing other things. After all, there will come a time when sliding your finger across your phone to answer a call just isn’t possible.

Simply Shake

The Shake to Answer Android app is simple to use. When your Android phone rings, all you have to do is shake your phone to answer it. This app is ideal for mothers with young children, people who can’t resist the urge to answer a phone while driving, and those who don’t always have fingers available.

Not only will shaking your phone allow you to answer a call, but you can also shake to activate speakerphone or shake to make other adjustments. When you set up the Shake to Answer app, you will be given the option of setting various sensitivity levels. Much in the same way that you can shake an iPod, the Shake to Answer Android app proves to be very useful.

Nothing iPhone Can’t Do

As cool as Shake to Answer is, iPhone owners have had this kind of app technology available for awhile now. Back when the first iPhone debuted, an app called mCoolPhone allowed iPhone users to shake and flip the iPhone in order to answer calls. This app is no longer available for iPhone 4, but Apple fans can relish in the fact that iPhone had it first.

Shaking your iPhone while you are listening to music will shuffle songs if you have the device set up properly. Otherwise, Apple fans didn’t see a real need to answer the phone through a simple shake. Is this new Android app helpful or useless? That depends on how you look at the situation.

Possible Problems

There are a few possible problems with activating the Shake to Answer app. The first problem being that you can accidentally shake your phone when walking. Another problem is that you may not want to answer a call, but picking up your phone could cause it to shake anyway. Presumably, these are the reasons why the old mCoolPhone app didn’t work.

Still, if you want a way to answer your Android phone without sliding your finger across the screen, Shake to Answer is the best option. Just remember to change the settings on this app accordingly, so that you don’t wind up putting someone on speakerphone or answering an unknown call by accident.

As Android becomes more and more popular, new apps are bound to pop up. Some of these apps will be apps that once existed on the iPhone. Other apps are sure to be available on the iPhone too. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, the fact remains that apps are useful and fun.