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  • Shaker: The New Dating Scene Site?
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Shaker is a new Facebook app that some people think will take off quickly. Right now, the app is in beta mode, though I’ve had the opportunity to check it out for you. What I have found is that Shaker combines some social networking aspects with old school chat rooms. Throw in some avatars and other items, and you have the perfect meeting and chatting spot for the shy crowd.

It’s easy to see why some people would gravitate towards Shaker. You can meet people in your town, see if you have anything in common, and strike up a conversation. You can also connect your Shaker account to your Facebook and Twitter account to really stir things up. But, aside from the “hook-up” aspect of this app, it’s hard to see why people who aren’t looking for a date would use Shaker.

How Shaker Works

When you sign up for Shaker, the app asks to connect to your Facebook profile. Once connected, your current profile picture will appear above your avatar (girl avatars for girls and boy avatars for boys). The developers over at Shaker hope that adding a real photo to your avatar will make the site more personable – this is, seemingly, true. You’ll also be asked to select a level of friendliness. You can opt to be a “shy” participant (only show some Facebook info), a “normal participant (showing all tagged photos and pics),” or a “friendly (showing everything on your Facebook profile)” participant.

After you’ve set up your account, you’ll be dropped into a forum (there’s only one forum available at this time, though this is, as mentioned, the beta version). Inside of any given forum, you will see lots of avatars floating around (kind of reminds me of the Wii avatars). Above each person is a short synopsis of that person’s Facebook profile, and whether or not you have anything in common with another person. You can click on a sofa to sit, dance on a bar, or join in a conversation. You’ll also be asked to join in conversations with other people (a small chat bar makes this possible).

Sharing Tweets

Shaker also asks you to enter your Twitter name (if you desire), so that you can share your Tweets. Tweets from all users are displayed on a “Tweet Board.” If you are looking to follow some new people, this board may be useful. It will also give you a good idea of the people in the forum, since most people forget that Tweets are displayed.

Overall Experience

It’s fun to see other Facebook users in a forum. It’s also fun to send virtual drinks, chat with people, and find out if you have anything in common. But, really, when it comes down to it, Shaker is a chat room for people who are looking for a date. If this is your purpose, give the app a shot when it becomes available.

If you’re looking for a place to meet with colleagues, people in your industry, or make connections, Shaker may not be the place for you – unless different forums that don’t include bars, dancing, and drinks are devised. If Shaker developers were to explore the business side of things this app could easily connect to LinkedIn, which would allow people the opportunity to network. I’ll look forward to seeing how Shaker, well, shakes things up in the future.