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  • Shape Up for Xbox One is Fun and Fitness Combined
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Microsoft is getting into fitness gaming with the newest game to hit the Xbox One console called ‘Shape Up.’ This game reminds me a lot of Wii Fit games, and the aim is to make exercising less boring. How does it stack up? Here’s the scoop.

A Space Theme

Shape Up sits somewhere between an arcade game and a workout video. The game’s themes are based on space (punching out asteroids and squatting to the moon), and the whole thing is aimed at making workouts more interesting. Microsoft’s commercial for the game features a man on a boring treadmill looking for a more entertaining way to work out, and Shape Up is the magical solution.

The game lets users set goals, pick timeframes, and try to reach those goals with the help of the game’s fitness tracker. Microsoft claims that this game mixes up different exercises and movements, so that the entire body is worked at some point during the game. If you’re tired of gyms and treadmills, Shape Up might be an option. But how does it differ from other fitness games?

A Crowded Market

The Wii console was, arguably, the first console to really offer fitness games that got people up and off the couch. Nintendo proved successful with those games, and that prompted other game developers to create fitness games that were similar to what Wii offered. Now, the market is rather saturated with fitness games, and most of them claim the same thing: to make fitness fun. Most of those games don’t succeed though.

Shape Up does appear to be a lot more fun than most fitness games, and reviews are positive. One of the best things about this game is that it incorporates real muscle building moves, so you’re not just doing cardio, you’re squatting and lunging and doing things that will work to improve muscle tone. Can a game like Shape Up replace the gym and weights? Not really, but it is a good way to get someone up and moving if they aren’t into regular training - plus, it’s fun, as all games should be.

Where to Get it

Shape Up can be purchased online or in various gaming stores. The game only works with the Xbox One console, so you’ll have to have that console if you want to play Shape Up. While this game isn’t going to replace a lot of sweat and a solid training program, it is a good way to get in some cardio while also watching a fun video game.

One other fun aspect of this game is that you can play against yourself, or you can play with other people. If you want to add a competitive spin to the game, challenge some other people to a competition. For a few hours of good fun that does burn a few calories, Shape Up is worth a look. The game retails for around $43 on sites like Amazon, and it’s available now (you may be able to find a cheaper used version too).