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  • ShareCare: A Different Kind of Medical Site
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Medical questions arise frequently. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to gain a quick answer to a medical problem. In addition, meeting with a medical doctor can be complicated. Depending on the type of medical question you have, getting an answer can even be costly. There’s a relatively new website that aims to change the way you gain medical knowledge.

ShareCare.com offers users a way to ask any kind of medical question, and have that question answered by a qualified medical expert. In addition, this site allows users to participate in conversations with medical experts and other community users. The site is simple to use, and it’s also a site that will be gaining a lot of attention shortly.

How to Use ShareCare.com

When you visit the ShareCare.com website, you will be faced with a large text box. You can type any medical question you have into that box. After typing your question, you will be redirected to a search screen. If your question has been asked before, you will find a quick answer. If not, you can build your own profile (fill out a form or connect via Facebook), and join the community.

If you don’t have a specific question, but you want to browse questions, you can do this by visiting ShareCare.com as well. You’ll notice a number of different categories that are already listed on the site. You can browse through these categories in order to view answers to a number of different questions. It’s easy to get lost in the many questions and answers that are already listed on the site.

ShareCare Drawbacks

The one major drawback to this site is that it’s hard to ask an original question. In order to gain a quick answer (as the site advertises), you must build a profile, become an active part of the community, and then ask questions. Even after you have done all of these things, your questions may or may not be answered by an expert.

Sure, there are already lots of answers to important questions on the site, but none of those questions are yours. If you have lots of time and plenty to talk about, you can connect quickly to ShareCare through Facebook and start building up your community “klout.” Otherwise, you will have to sit and hope that someone out there asks the same question you want to gain an answer to. To be fair, many answers to general questions are already listed on the site.

The Future of ShareCare

News today surfaced that ShareCare will be partnering with Healthline. Healthline is a well known health company that seems to be a perfect fit for the existing ShareCare. Healthline will bring its interactive 3D Human Body Maps to ShareCare. These maps allow users to mouse over various parts of the body to see how certain diseases impact various areas of the body.

Not only are these maps innovative, but they are also a quick way to see how the body will become impacted by a number of ailments. In short, ShareCare will be taken to a whole new level once the partnership with Healthline is finalized.