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Buying a home theater system in a box is simple. Only, these pre-packaged systems can’t deliver the same sound quality that smaller, independent, speakers can. Shelf speakers can easily be hooked up to a home theater system or placed on a shelf for musical purposes. When connected to a home theater system, shelf speakers provide the most flexibility combined with the best possible sound.
Shopping for decent shelf speakers will mean heading to a specialty sound store. Large electronics stores usually don’t carry quality shelf speakers. When comparing speakers, look for a set that produces excellent bass. Some smaller speakers aren’t capable of deep bass sound. The following shelf speakers provide the best bang for your buck, while also producing top-notch sound. At the time of this writing, a decent pair of shelf speakers could be purchase for less than $300.

Boston Acoustics CS 23 -- $90+

The CS 23 speakers from Boston Acoustics aren’t the best on the market. Yet, Boston Acoustics has always made speakers that stand out. The manufacturer’s main goal in creating the CS 23 series was to present the general public with affordable shelf speakers that produced good sound. Boston Acoustics hits the price tag right on the mark with these speakers that retail for around $90 (at the time of this writing). The CS 23s are also compact and appealing design-wise. When it comes to sound, the CS 23s produce a sound that rings with quality, though they aren’t the “rock your socks off” speakers that some may be looking for. If you want quality craftsmanship at a good price, the CS 23s are worth a look.

Boston Acoustics CS 26 -- $120+

The CS 26 speakers from Boston Acoustics are a hop, skip, and jump above the CS 23s from the same manufacturer. Listening to the sound that the CS 26s produce makes it clear why Boston Acoustics is highly prized within the audio world. Crystal clear and responsive, these speakers are worth every penny. Chances are that you’ll also enjoy the cherry finish of the CS 26s, which provides a nice addition to any room. If you have more than $100 to spend on speakers, you can’t go wrong with the CS 26s from Boston Acoustics.

Klipsch B-20 -- $200+

Klipsch is well-known in audio circles. This manufacturer often produces audio equipment that’s enviable. The Klipsch B-20 speakers are slightly more expensive that other speakers in its class (more than $200 at the time of this writing), but you’ll find that the sound quality produced by these speakers justifies the price tag. Aside from stellar sound and great bass levels, the B-20s are also quite compact. This is an important selling point, since many speakers that are this size don’t produce decent sound. Further, these speakers can be placed on any solid surface or wall mounted, making them an excellent and versatile option. If you’ve never listed to Klipsch speakers before, do yourself a favor and find the nearest retailer. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.