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  • Shoutz: Short-Form Video Status Updates for Social Media
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Shoutz is a new mobile application available in the Andriod Market and Apple's App Store. The application allows users to post 15-second video clips, called shouts, via Twitter and Facebook. It merges the short-form status updates of Twitter, with video publishing.

Like Twitter, Shoutz limits the amount of content that can be published within each status update. Also like Twitter, this limitation is initially receiving some criticism for not allowing enough content. However, this tactic worked out and continues to work great for Twitter. For longer messages, users can still post updates to their Facebook account, while Twitter is reserved for succinct and simple messages.

In the same way, users can still post longer videos to Youtube and Facebook, while reserving quick video updates for Shoutz.

Shoutz is following in the bold footsteps of Google+, by allowing users to choose who gets to see their Shouts. Each shout allows the user to customize who has access to it. This means that users can publish a personal shout, meant for only one person's eyes, or a general shout, suitable for public consumption. This feature has changed the way a lot of people interact on social networking sites.

It used to be that anything posted on a public profile, could be accessed by anyone, including family and employers, which caused serious family conflict and even people losing their jobs. When users can customize who sees what, they don't have to hold back those crude jokes or drunken escapades.

It is easier than ever before to share all the different aspects of one's personality, while censoring who gets to view it. There is still some risks involved, including user error and sending out the wrong post to the wrong people, but with a little care, it's easier than ever before to get personal on social networking platforms.

Facebook and Twitter have become a great, new way for fans to connect with their favorite athletes, artists and other celebrities. Of course, there are those celebrities who delegate their social media accounts to interns or ghost-writers. This has raised a lot of skepticism for fans. Shoutz is a great way for celebrities to give their fans updates and shout-outs, with a truly personal touch.

There can be no doubt in the fan's mind that it's a genuine update, when he or she sees a shout posted by his or her favorite star. Shoutz is taking full advantage of the celebrity-fan relationship in social media, by partnering with the NFL Alumni and Nascar Members Club, allowing users to join fan clubs and easily connect with their favorite athletes, actors and other artists.

Video publishing is already available through Twitter, but Shoutz is a bit different. Instead of joining ranks with the several applications that allow video posts to Twitter and Facebook, Shoutz is attempting to stand alone as it's own social media network.

Currently, the application is suffering from "empty room syndrome", meaning that because it's so new, not many people have populated the social media network. With enough buzz, however, Shoutz could be the next Twitter; or at the very least, a cool addition to the Twitter experience.