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  • Shuttr: Helping You Snap Selfies
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Admit it. You like to take selfies as much as the next person. Even if you try to make it look like you're not taking a selfie, you are. So, why not buy a gadget that makes taking that selfie easier? The Shuttr remote lets you take pictures of you, groups of people including you, or just a photo or two of anyone you want to include in a shot.

This remote is pint-sized, easy to use, and will make taking any photo of yourself simpler (and without the need to ask a random stranger to take a snapshot for you). Need something like this? Take a look at what else the Shuttr remote can do for you.

Prop, Stand, Snap, Shoot

The Shuttr remote communicates with your smartphone, so that all you have to to is point and tap the Shuttr button. After tapping the button, your phone will snap a quick picture. This remote is tiny in size too, so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. You can also purchase any kind of tripod or stand to go with your smartphone, so that you can prop up your phone when you want to snap a picture.

The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and setup is a snap. So, what's the catch? For some, the $29 price tag attached to the Shuttr device might be a deterrent. Otherwise, it's tough to see any real drawbacks to this device. If you're thinking that there are already a number of remotes for smartphones on the market, you aren't wrong, but none of them are as small or compact as the Shuttr remote (smaller than a stick of gum).

What It Can't Do

The Shuttr remote doesn't work with apps like Instagram and Vine, so you do have to consider this slight impediment. If you take most of your photos using Instagram or Vine, Shuttr won't work well with you. But, it's a great little remote for snapping regular photos with your camera's smartphone. It's also nice to note that the Shuttr remote isn't specific to iPhone.

The Shuttr remote works with iOS and Android, which covers a lot of the market. You can also snap rapid-fire photos with the Shuttr remote (this remote will let you take photos as fast as your phone can handle). So, you can snap a few thousand photos and hope that one comes out ok. I might caution against using Shuttr if you are traveling and in a strange area where your phone might be stolen, but that's an unlikely scenario. Where can you get this novel new remote?

The Shuttr Remote is currently available through the Muku Labs Kickstarter website. The company has already surpassed its funding goal, but you can purchase a remote for $29 through the site. Is an iPhone and Android remote worth $29? Or, is this too much to pay? Would you use the Shuttr remote? Are you that vain (kidding!)? Let me know what you think in the comments below!