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  • ShutterVox: Just Say "Cheese!"
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Sometimes, you just want to take a group photo. This is easy if you have a decent digital camera with a timer. If you’re using your iPhone camera, snapping a group photo is next to impossible unless you don’t want to be part of the photo, which will allow you to tap the camera button. Now, a new app for iPhone makes it a lot easier to take group pictures.

ShutterVox was made for those times when you want to be part of a photo. This app recognizes various “key” words that, when shouted, result in your iPhone snapping a photo. The whole process is simple, and ShutterVox could be very useful when it comes to taking any kind of group picture. ShutterVox is available through the Apple App Store for $1, but is this $1 worth it?

Words ShutterVox Knows

In any language, the word “cheese” is the most widely used word when it comes to photography. Wedding photographers use it, weekend photographers rely upon it, and shutterbugs of all shapes and sizes wouldn’t dream of using any other word. That’s why the makers of ShutterVox have trained this app to recognize the word “cheese.”

When “cheese” is stated loudly, ShutterVox snaps a photo. So, you can line up your friends, step into the photo, and tell everyone to yell “cheese!” in order to take a group snapshot. ShutterVox will respond rapidly. Incidentally, there are other words that you can choose if you’re not into “cheese” (such as “popsicle”).

The Loud Factor

It’s easy to be critical of ShutterVox by pointing out that you really have to say that keyword loudly in order for the app to “hear” you. But, I want to point out that you will be using your iPhone to take a photo, and that these phones are relatively small in the grand scheme of things. So, of course ShutterVox won’t hear you if you simply say the word “cheese.”

Then again, what large group of people can’t be heard when it comes to saying that key word? Just tell your friends, family members, or random group of strangers to yell loudly when using ShutterVox, and the app will work like a charm. Is ShutterVox worth the $1 it will cost you to download this app? That depends on your lifestyle.

Who Will Benefit from ShutterVox

If you snap a lot of group photos, ShutterVox is certainly worth the one dollar fee. This app may also be worth the expense if you intend on attending a gathering of any kind. You may have to make sure that your iPhone is propped up perfectly before taking a photo (of you could wind up with a photo of people’s feet or heads), but the app will work well in any group setting.

You may also use this app a lot if you like to take pictures of yourself or of you and your loved one. Instead of holding your phone in front of your face (and taking an awkward shot of your outstretched arm), you can simply set up your phone to take a picture of you from a distance. ShutterVox may not be worth the expense if you don’t like to be in front of the camera – in which case, you can simply take a photo using your iPhone camera function.