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  • Siine For Android: A Different Kind of Keyboard
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There is no shortage of keyboard apps in the Android Marketplace, but a new one that has just arrived has some people talking. The app is called Siine and it’s available for a free download right now. Siine presents Android users with a simplified keyboard that’s supposed to make typing texts easier. By offering users a set of icons that are connected to various words and expressions, saying hello, goodbye, or a slew of other things to your friends is simpler. After all, who has the time to type out all of those words you want to cram into a text? What else can Siine do, you might ask? Here’s the complete lowdown on this new app.

Siine Lets You, Well, Use Signs

Icon, sign – it’s all the same thing, right? When you download Siine, you will see a simple QWERTY keyboard in addition to another keyboard (you can go back and forth) that includes a number of icons (or signs). These icons represent various phrases and words that you might use while writing an everyday text.

For example, a small icon that shows a pointed index finger reads “how are you?” If you were to tap that icon, the words “how are you?” would pop up inside of a text you are about to send. There are a number of different icon sets that users can choose from ranging from “Sherlock Holmes” to sets that will have you sounding like a rapper in no time. The idea here is to take away the time required to type out words and phrases that you use every day.

Siine also includes a handy calendar that lets users simply tap on a date in addition to a time icon that makes it simple to choose hours on a clock. Really, the icon principle here is a good one, though I’m not so sure about sending people the same text messages day after day. Were you to talk the same way every time you send a text, the person you’re talking to might wonder if you’ve turned into a robot or not. Also, there’s no Caps Lock key on the QWERTY keyboard.

Is Siine A Good or Bad Idea?

When looking at the Siine video on the publisher’s website, it’s easy to see why this keyboard might be appealing to some Android users. If you are frustrated with your current keyboard option, Siine is definitely a different way of doing things. However, keep in mind that this app is relatively new and does come with a few kinks. On the positive side, Siine includes a clever deletion key (swipe your finger across the screen to delete text) that Apple could learn from.

So, there you have it: another keyboard app that’s refreshingly different, though not entirely fuss-free. If you want to try out something different and send simple text messages, Siine can be found in the Marketplace right now. If you just want to see how this keyboard app works, head to the Siine website and take a look at the clearly explained video.