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  • SIM Card Attack: Latest Security Hack
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There's a new SIM card hack in town, and this one can really mess with your phone. A German security researcher discovered the hack, according to a Forbes Magazine report, and it's taken this researcher many years to discover where the hack comes from, what SIM cards are susceptible, and other details about the potential hack. Here's what you need to know.

What This Hack Does

The SIM card hack mentioned above can take over a user's cell phone. When this happens, premium messages are sent remotely, and calls can also be redirected and recorded. For obvious reasons, this hack is a bad one. Just how many SIM cards are impacted by the potential hack?

Out of the thousands of SIM cards tested, only a quarter of those cards were found to be susceptible to the hacks. This translates to millions of phones throughout the world. That's a big enough number to cause some concern. What happens, exactly?

When Your Phone Is Hacked

When hackers successfully take over a phone using this new method, long-distance text messages can be sent without your knowledge. This, in turn, causes your phone bill to grow by leaps and bounds. But, that's not all. Your data can be recorded, location information can be tracked, and payment fraud can even be accomplished. In short, this is a very bad thing.

So, what's being done about the newest line of phone hacks? Right now, Forbes reports that two 'major carriers' are working on finding a fix for the hack, and working to prevent future hacks. But, those fixes have not been found yet. If your phone seems to be doing strange things and your bill has climbed sky-high for no reason, you may be a victim of this crime. What can you do?

What to do if Your Phone is Hacked

At the time of this writing, there's no way for users to get rid of hackers that have infiltrated a phone. You can try switching your SIM card, but that may not work. Since there is no way for carriers to get rid of the infiltration at the moment, there's not a lot that you can do. Your bets option? Get rid of your phone. Or, at least, let your carrier know that you are not sending out those expensive texts on your own.

Is this the first hack to hit the cellphone sphere? Not at all, but it is one of the biggest in years. After all, the researcher mentioned above has spent three long years tracking this attack! That's a long time to spend looking for something, right? A SIM card hack is a big deal, and this time around that deal is even bigger than it was last time.

For now, though, there's nothing that can really be done. Now that researchers have found out where the attack stems from, it might be possible that the hacks will stop sometime soon. For now, keep your eye on your mobile bill. If that bill starts to climb for no reason, I suggest contacting your company right away.