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  • SimCity Beta: One-Hour Free Next Weekend!
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March 5th marks the day that the new SimCity will launch. If you’re a SimCity fan, you will want to get in on the deal that EA is currently offering. Today, the company tweeted that the new SimCity will be available for free gameplay next weekend (starting January 25th) for one full hour. That’s right, for one hour next weekend you can get into the new SimCity game.

The drawback to this offer is that it’s for PC users only. But, if you have a PC and can’t wait for the new game, it’s worth checking out. Even though one hour isn’t such a long time to play a game that usually requires lots of hours, it’s better than nothing, right? It also proves that SimCity is well on its way to being a completed game, which, in turn, means that the game will be released on time. So far, details of the new SimCity game are somewhat scarce, but here’s what I know right now.

A Stable Internet Connection Is Needed

EA recently announced that a stable Internet connection is absolutely needed when playing the new SimCity. Without being connected to the company’s servers, it will be impossible to save a game. Likewise, it will be hard to play the new game if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection. What happens if you lose your connection? The company will be able to retrieve as much as possible, which is likely just a few minutes of past game time.

Multi-Player Only?

The clips that EA has put out show a multi-player SimCity, but no single player options seems to be available. Then again, it’s hard to tell from short clips whether or not a single player option will be part of the equation, but it’s likely that SimCity will include both options.

Freemium Only?

There are some rumors that the new SimCity will be Freemium only. This means that players will be able to play for free, but must purchase items during gameplay in order to progress. Whether or not this is actually the case has yet to be known, but it is starting to look like that’s the direction that most gaming companies are going in.

Smaller Buildings/Better Graphics

From the looks of the clips that have been released, the new SimCity will have smaller buildings, which some gamers might not like. On the flip side, it’s clear that the game will definitely have better graphics. All of this will be clear to see next weekend when SimCity comes to life for one-hour intervals.

How to Get Your One-Hour

To grab your one hour of free game time, go to the SimCity official website and check out the offer. You will have to go through a quick sign up procedure, but that should only take a few minutes to figure out. From there, you will see information about when and where to take advantage of your one hour. During your one-hour, make sure to pay attention to the details inside of the game, like building size, and whether or not you will have to purchase additional game items.