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  • SimCity for Mac Is Here - A Good Thing?
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It has been five long months that Mac users have been waiting for SimCity. Finally, the game is coming to Mac users on August 29th, according to an official report. While PC users have had the game since April, Mac users have had to sit back and wait. EA was supposed to release a Mac version of the game back in June, but that version was delayed.

The new SimCity for Mac will be a cross-platform game, so you can download a Mac copy for free if you have already purchased the PC version. The latest version of SimCity is not like the last. Just in case you haven't been keeping up with SimCity updates over the past five months, here's a rundown of the newest SimCity game.

Your Own Life

The new SimCity gives each SimCity resident an individual life and direction, and this makes the game a lot more interesting. But, this game also has its share of problems too. The new SimCity is really multi-user based, and it encourages players to build cities in conjunction with other players.

Additionally, the cities that can be built are restricted when it comes to size. Players can control 16 small cities, but it's not possible to build and control one massive metropolis. Many players aren't happy about this change. Other problems included a server overload when the game was released, and this resulted in a major slowdown.

The other issue is that you can't actually save your game, since you will be working with other players. Gone are the days when a natural disaster was created just for fun. Now, if you destroy your city, you have to rebuild it from scratch. Presumably, all of these issues will be present with the Mac version of the game too.

Is SimCity Worth the Price?

That's the question that you should be asking yourself. Amazon has dropped PC game prices super low due to bad reviews, and some gamers are stating that the game is simply too buggy to be any good. Plus, SimCity was really popular during the 1990s, but the game hasn't really kept up with the times.

Should you buy the new SimCity for Mac? It depends on how much you love this game. If you can't get enough SimCity, and you have been waiting for the Mac version, the newest installment of the game may be the right thing for you. Otherwise, you may want to kick back and see what kinds of drawbacks the game offers to Mac users - though they will likely be the same.

SimCity: still worth it? The game is now available for Mac (or will be soon), but it might be too late. A slow game, no chance of saving games, and multi-user collaborations all slow down the fun that was once this amazing game. Will you check out SimCity for Mac when it arrives? That launch date is just a few weeks away, and SimCity developers are counting on a flood of interested Mac users.