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  • Simplenote: A Useful App
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There are lots of note-taking apps on the market. Simplenote joins the ranks as a great note-taking tool, but it also stands out from the crowd thanks to some interesting features. Not only is this app ideal for taking and sharing notes, it’s also free iOS app. If you have an iPhone and you’re looking for a note-taking tool, Simplenote is worth your consideration for many good reasons.

Most people rely on Evernote to take notes, but this reviewer finds Evernote a bit clunky. If you’re looking for something more streamlined (like I am), Simplenote will surprise you. Simplenote can be found in the Apple App Store. Interested in learning more about Simplenote? Here’s what you can expect to find.

How to Set It Up

Once downloaded, Simplenote will ask you to input your email address and an original password. After signing up, a very nice set of tutorials awaits you. Clicking on any one of these tutorials will help you navigate Simplenote (these tutorials are something that Evernote should consider!).

After you have played around with the app a bit, you’ll realize that Simplenote is unique. Why? You can send any note you create to other people via email, and you can also access all of your notes online through the Simplenote website. If you make a note on your computer, for example, you can then access that note on your iPhone. In short, you’ll never be without that list or those burning thoughts. To write a note, just click on the note category and then the + sign. You’ll be writing notes in no time.

An Innovative App

Not only can you access your notes simply with Simplenote, you can also search through the notes that you’ve created in the past. As the Simplenote site says, you can “go back in time” with this handy feature. Since Simplenote is an open platform, the Simplenote site is changing all the time. This means that you will find clever new features added by users.

Simplenote may seem like just another note-taking app, but it’s one that this reviewer finds easier to use than most other note-taking apps on the market. Not only is Simplenote filled with instructions and interesting features, it is also a very handy app to have. Never again will you have to be without your notes, and creating a new note is as simple as clicking that plus sign.

A Slight Drawback

As with most free apps, Simplenote gets its funding from advertisements. However, the ads that run at the top of the Simplenote screen aren’t the flashing “download now!” type. Instead, Simplenote is very selective when it comes to choosing ads. You’ll find that many of the ads are for other apps, and lots of times these ads are of interest to Simplenote users.

It’s also nice to note, no pun intended, that Simplenote encrypts any messages that you send from your iPhone to your computer or vice versa. This ensures that everything you’re sending is secure.