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  • The Sims Come to iPhone and iPad
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Get ready Sims fans: now you can enjoy your favorite game on the go on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad for free with EA Interactive's release of The Sims FreePlay. Pass the time by playing God to your virtual world, creating people and places, and be entertained by all they do and say -- just like in the old days.

EA knows how insanely popular this simulation game is, but also knows that not everyone has tried it out for themselves. They feel bringing The Sims to iOS exposes them to even more users, bringing in new fans that will likely want more and spend money on another Sims product.

The Classic Sims Made Free

Just as in other versions of Sims, create your character and work towards the goals set forth by the game to progress. Build houses, grow food, create new Sims, and watch them interact with one another, oftentimes hilariously. Progress through levels by completing the required goals, which at first help to teach you about the game. Earn Simoleans (Sims currency) by growing food in your garden, having your dog dig for it in your backyard, and just like other free games on the market, purchasing it. That's right, buy fake money with real money.

How else could EA offer it for free? You aren't required to purchase Simoleans with cold hard cash, but it does make it a little easier to progress quickly through the game. Simoleans are used to purchase new homes, seeds to plant in your garden, and furniture for your home. As some of your goals are simply “Purchase a stereo,” being able to buy immediately without having to “earn” it through gameplay will entice impatient users to spend real money.

Playing on the Touch Screen

When it comes to taking a game typically played on a large computer screen and making it work on a touch screen device, it's not always easy. However, EA did a great job with it. The graphics are good to look at, and after a very small amount of playing time, the user can easily maneuver around their virtual world. Pinch zoom works very well, and if you want to move the camera around the perimeter of the house to, for example, look for your dog, simply twist two fingers as you would any other touch device.

I didn't have any trouble maneuvering the camera around, but occasionally sent my Sim to a location I didn't want it going. This was easily corrected by zooming in to more accurately choose my location. Again, it takes time to easily manipulate the actions of your on-screen character, but it doesn't take away from the fun.

Install It Today

Sims FreePlay is only available to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users and offers up the ability to create 16 different Sims. It provides 1,200 customization options, such as clothing, hairstyle and color, furniture, and house expansions, along with offering up pets to keep the Sims happy. Get it today in the App Store.