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  • Not Into Draw Something? Try Sing Something Instead.
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The smash hit social app Draw Something took the app world by storm. In case you aren’t familiar with the app, users draw items and friends try to guess the item that is being drawn (kind of like old school Pictionary). Now, there’s a new social app on the market that’s gaining a lot of attention. This new app is called Sing Something and looks and acts a lot like Draw Something only – you guessed it – players are given a popular tune to sing and social friends have to guess that tune.

Amazingly, Sing Something isn’t created by OMGPOP, the creators of Draw Something. Yet, the app does take a lot of its cues from Draw Something. If you love to sing and want to let you friends know that you have an excellent voice, Sing Something is an app worth checking out. Here’s how the app works:

Using Sing Something and Setting It Up

After downloading Sing Something, users can select the friends that they want to play with (your friends must also have the app). You can then select a song that you want to sing from a list of three possible songs, but there’s a catch: Sing Something doesn’t provide you with lyrics. Instead, you will be given a number of possible YouTube links that may help you belt out the tune you’re trying to sing. Once your rendition of a popular song has been completed, your friends can try to guess what song you’re attempting to sing. Your friends can attempt to fill in the name of a tune by spelling it out after picking out the name of a song using their own keyboard.

If you’re thinking that this game sounds a lot like your worst nightmare, then Sing Something probably isn’t the game for you. On the other hand, if you have a great voice and you know it, Sing Something is a fun way to show off your pipes. This app has just hit the market, but it’s already becoming something of a sensation. Sing something really combines social networking, gaming, and karaoke into one app and it seems like it will only be a matter of time before the app is scooped up by a larger gaming developer.

Availability and Pricing

If you have an Android device, you’ll be sad to know that Sing Something is currently only available for iOS. However, this app is relatively new, so it might be only a matter of time before Sing Something hits the Android market – if the app picks up popularity-wise, it seems. You can download the Sing Something app for free right now from the Apple App Store, but keep in mind that it’s currently a new app that’s roughly in beta at the time being (so, glitches are possible until all kinks have been worked out).

If you’ve given this app a try, let me know how it worked out. The only possible drawback I can see is that your friends have to have downloaded the app in order to participate in your sing-a-long, and that can be tiresome if you don’t have any friends who are interested in singing or sharing in the silliness. If you do have some fun friends, Sing Something looks like a great app that will help you pass the time quickly.